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Best Production Opportunities in Lake County, Ohio

  • Location: Lake County, Ohio
  • Type: Full time.
  • Rate: $12-$18 per hour.
  • Description:

    We are VERY picky about who our hiring clients are.

    We ONLY work for Great Workplaces who will respect and recognize good work and potential.

    That results in your getting work satisfaction, stability, and by following our guidance on how to be the best you can be... getting training, raises, promotions and career stability... that will lead you to A Better Life.

    We know our hiring clients inside and out, so we can coach you on how to be successful. How to be recognized and respected.

    Doing so will lead to Better Life choices and keep you smiling.

    We are currently representing over 40 clients who are expanding and hiring. Positions range from ENTRY-LEVEL production/ machine Operators/assembly and specialty areas to highly experienced machinists, setup pros, leads, supervisory, and manufacturing technicians.


    ALL area locations, including ASHTABULA (we have an office location there).

    Temporary, Temp to Perm, perm/ direct hire up-front. (we prefer to call all of that: Contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire).

    We prefer NOT to be called an "employment agency". We are flexible staffing.

    You will see and feel the difference.

Production. Manufacturing, Distribution Openings Cleveland Ohio area

  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Type: Full time. Contract to hire, contract and direct hire
  • Rate: $10-$26.00 per hour.
  • Description:

    Champion Personnel is NOT your typical "employment agency". The majority of our job and career-seekers say after visiting with us: "you guys are DIFFERENT. You actually care/ give a darn about me". Thank you.

    Machine operation, setup, assembly, production, warehouse, distribution, food manufacturing, technicians, maintenance, CNC, CNC programming, millwrights, rubber, plastics, molding, forging, castings, plastics, machine building, transportation, lead, electronics ... entry level to experienced pros.

    Within a 15-mile radius of "Cleveland" we maintain an active list of OVER 150 hiring clients, who are hiring NOW or very soon.

    We also specialize in taking your background/ profile and CREATING an opening with our hiring customers just FOR YOU.

    Contract (Temp), Contract-to-hire (Temp to perm) and direct hire (Executive Search)

    Personal interviews, coaching, and mentorship. We don't 'throw you' at jobs. We give you the advantage of our in-depth client knowledge (we visit EVERY hiring client and get to know their facility, culture, customers...all the good and not so good... and share that with you.

    We have 6 facilities in NE Ohio, with a large staff averaging 7 years of experience in finding you A Better Job A Better Life.

    Apply now and get working toward that Better Life you deserve.

PRODUCTION. CAREER Opportunites. West of Cleveland. BIG MONEY!

  • Location: Lorain County, Cuyahoga County
  • Type: PERMANENT. Direct Hire. NOT Temp!
  • Rate: $14+++ per hour. + Raises+ OVERTIME
  • Description:

    Tired of working 40 hours and being behind on bills and lifestyle?

    Our client will give you the opportunity of earning $60,000 and more with your base, plus OVERTIME, plus new skills, plus permanent career, plus outstanding benefits, plus respect.

    These are PHYSICAL jobs. You will sweat, you will get tired, you will learn trades and earn respect.

    You will have the opportunity for substantial OVERTIME which means MORE MONEY than you have been or would have earned elsewhere.

    These are DIRECT HIRE (not temp to hire) where you will be thoroughly trained.

    You will earn respect and get raises to $16-$18 base pay in the first year. PLUS OUTSTANDING benefits starting in just 60 days.

    Production, machine operations, mechanical, electrical, production leads, assembly.

    Be physically fit. Have a great work attitude. Be stable.

    These are GREAT CAREER Opportunities, not just 'jobs'.

    It is time to get serious and find a serious career. Get a BETTER JOB and it leads to A BETTER LIFE.

    Hiring NOW!!!

Production opportunities. Geauga County

  • Location: Geauga County Ohio
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $10-$16.00 per hour
  • Description:

    Geauga County is a GREAT place to be!

    Our Middlefield, Ohio office, Don Burkley General Manager, is THE conduit to great career opportunities for production, manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, entry-level to highly experienced.

    Don manages 40+ clients and all their hiring from local organizations to international/ Fortune 500 organizations that all qualify as GREAT WORKPLACES. ALL INDUSTRIES.

    Don lives there, is well known and respected and tells it like it is. He is on YOUR side and will give you the low-down on how to be successful. He CARES.

    Bring your background to Don and he will make sure you earn a step up in career.

Manufacturing Opportunities near Solon, Twinsburg, Akron Ohio

  • Location: Summit County area, Ohio
  • Type: FULL TIME
  • Rate: $10-$18.00 per hour
  • Description:

    Our Cuyahoga Falls Ohio based office is looking for a good entry to experienced level career-seeking people for their ongoing and highly active hiring clients. These are local organizations from smaller to the Fortune 500.

    We don't work with hiring clients who don't have GREAT WORKPLACES.

    Machine operators, assembly, warehousing, technicians, leads, supervisors, machining, plastics, electronics, customer service... entry level with great training to experienced PROS.

    If you are looking for a career, or even a short-term assignment to fill some gaps... apply NOW and get working!!!

    When you apply...bring a good friend with you.


Production Opportunities. Cleveland Ohio area

  • Location: Cleveland Ohio
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $9-$17.00 per hour
  • Description:

    Welcome to Champion Personnel, central office in NE Ohio. Based in Independence Ohio.

    Welcome to your next career. Welcome to the people who care.

    Our central office represents over 200 hiring clients in virtually all industries: food, distribution, machining, assembly, casting, forging, machine building, machining, testing, electronics, fabrication, specialty manufacturing...all looking for good talent they can train and develop so that all employees have an opportunity to create and retain a stable career... that can lead to a BETTER LIFE.

    Our recruiters can create openings with our clients, just for you. They can help coach you to be better and show the talents you have no one else can find. ASK US HOW.

    We meet with every potential worker IN PERSON and discuss you, your experiences, and your future. We explain how to get hired, how to keep your job and how to excel. One on one.

    Even if you find a job on your own.

    Apply and bring a friend (a good one).


Entry Level Welders

  • Location: Summit County
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $16-$18.00 per hour plus OT
  • Description:

    You have schooling in welding and you can pass a practical welding test (MIG primarily) and you are serious about a career in welding.

    Most of the work is custom or customized work for vessels and structures.

    ALWAYS work in a team with people who will train and oversee/ answer questions/ show you the way.

    High growth company with about 200 employees.

    Incredible benefits! Some will be great if you have pets! And if you want to stay healthy!

    4 day week, overtime on Fridays.

    Thorough safety training.

    Raises, promote from within. Growth. GREAT WORKPLACE environment. Respect!!

Sales. Outside or Inside business development

  • Location: Independence Ohio
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $50-$70,000 base + bonuses
  • Description:

    Champion Personnel System is expanding.

    And... we are in our 56th! year of being an exceptional organization.

    Outbound business development calls. In-person visits.

    This is not a retail-type customer service job where 'customers' come to you. So, if that is what you think "Sales" is, don't apply.

    We are looking for good people who know the drill, who want to do the "pick and shovel" work of developing business (revenue). We train, we lead, we inspire...but we are NOT going to babysit or hold your hand.

    Use the phone. Use your brain. Be persuasive. Be bold and work your butt off.

    We also have a ton of fun.

    We have 5 locations. We are considered to be exceptional at what we do.

    Call Robert Schepens, CEO, at 216-823-5900 and sell me on you.

Make Food! (Production, multiple shifts available)

  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Type: Full time
  • Description:

    If you are looking for a rewarding career (NOT TEMP!) where you can be treated well, given raises, promotions and stability...this is where you need to be!

    The jobs are relatively easy to begin. You will be fully trained and guided by highly experienced and ver nice people.

    You will learn everything. No previous experience in manufacturing food is needed.

    It is an environment that will keep you on track for doing well the rest of your career.

    The benefits are GREAT. The company history is exceptional.

    And CHAMPION (only) can help you succeed here.

    Paid orientation, training.

    We will help you get hired and help you succeed!


General Labor. Learn new skills!

  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $12-$15 per hour
  • Description:

    Are you ready to learn something new and more valuable for your career and for your life?

    Here it is.

    As you progress and show your work ethic, you will be trained in their entire operation. Each time you show new value you can get a raise. Each time you get promoted, you will get another raise. You will increase your VALUE.

    These are "Contract to hire" opportunities where you get to show off your best self for about 90 days, then you get a raise and become a DIRECT HIRE employee.

    Champion KNOWS how to coach you to be your best. We're on your side.

    1st, 2nd and 3rd shift opportunities

Lake County: BEST JOBS!

  • Location: Lake County Ohio
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $13-$20+ per hour
  • Description:

    Our Mentor Ohio office represents over 40 Great Workplaces looking to add on new valued members of their teams.

    This is true, not baloney.

    Machine operators, welders, quality assurance, machinists, technicians, setup experts, general labor, supervisors and trainees.

    If you are tired of the typcal "Temp Agency" run-around and want to talk with people who care and KNOW their hiring clients inside and out, and will help you get to where you want to need to talk with CHAMPION. NOW!

    All shifts. Contract to hire, direct hire. Contract only.

    We are NOT a typical "Temp Agency".


Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

  • Location: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $13-$19 per hour
  • Description:

    Introducing Champion of Cuyahoga Falls and Cindy Hilverding, our highly experienced office manager.

    If you are tired of the typical 'body shop' treatment you get from the normal "temp agency", you will love working with Cindy.

    She not only works her *** off for you, she can give you invaluable insight on workplaces, how to get hired and how to get promoted.

    Her hiring clients love her as do her colleagues. And Amber, her office administrator, is a true gem to work with.

    Cindy is hiring every day.

Start an Industrial CAREER! (General Services/ Production)

  • Location: Central NE Ohio
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $10.90 ++
  • Description:

    If you are looking for a stable, rewarding career in a union environment, this could be your future! To begin, you will learn the critical aspects of everything that is done here. Star in a production area, have varied duties, but with the ability to bid on any and all open jobs within this large facility, even when you are in the first phase of your career.

    You will enjoy the structure and certainty of being part of an international union with EXCEPTIONAL union benefits.

    Right now, be prepared to earn the extra money with Saturday OT.

    ALL three shifts available as the organization is expanding. Bring a friend as we are looking for about 20 people to go permanent with this company.

    Some industrial experience. Stable. Truthful, ready to work and learn.

    Central Location in NE Ohio...from the east, west or south sides. On a BUSLINE.

Towmotor. Union. Super-stable. ALL 3 shifts

  • Location: Central NE Ohio
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $13-$15.55
  • Description:

    You love driving and manipulating a sit-down towmotor/ forklift. And you are damn good at it.

    Close quarters, so we are looking for control accuracy. You will be safety-tested and drive tested.

    You will enjoy the BENEFITS of a union environment (stablity, safety, Health Benefits, overtime, representation) and the pride of working for a well-respected organization.

    Bid on all jobs.

    Saturday OT, so you will be assured of making solid $$$$.


    ALL 3 shifts available.


Robotic Welding Machine Operator.

  • Location: Central NE Ohio
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $15.60
  • Description:

    ALL 3 shifts available.

    Be taught how to operate a robotic welding machine in custom and production environment.

    Be in-charge of QUALITY for each run. Data entry results into computer.

    Union environment. UAW, so the benefits are outstanding and the stability is outstanding. LONG TERM CAREER where you can bid on all jobs.

    Some machine operations or welding experience fits.

    Saturday OT so you will be making solid $$$

Material Handlers/ General Production (9) Contract to hire

  • Location: Solon
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $14
  • Description:

    1st shift now available.

    GROWING company!!! TEAM environment. Many company events + BONUSES!

    Multi-faceted manufacturing and distribution facility where things are always moving and growing.

    One of THE BEST work environments in NE Ohio. Ver positive. Very TEAM. Recognition of work well done and an truly UPBEAT attitude/culture.

    Many opportunities for promotions and a long term career.

    Superior benefits.


Pick, Pack, Fill orders (3 locations) GROWING!! 40 People to be hired.

  • Location: East, West and Central NE Ohio
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $10.50
  • Description:

    This can be contract or contract to hire (short or long term)

    This company is GROWING DRAMATICALLY!!

    And they are looking for good people who want to be of value to theri growth and customers.

    Custom and production packaging work. Never a dull moment.

    The company is run and owned by a "family" group who are highly successful and know how to create a GREAT WORKPLACE!

    1st shift and off-shift work available.

Production, packaging, sanitation openings

  • Location: Cleveland
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $10.31 ++
  • Description:

    You will be proud to work here!

    ALL SHIFTS, various hours and days.

    UNION positions. The company boasts a large portion of their workforce who have been with the organization 15+ years.


    HIRING NOW!!!!

Picking/Packing/ General labor. West side

  • Location: West side
  • Rate: $12-$12.40 per hour
  • Description:

    Fast paced, growing environment. Be ready to be moving.

    Optional Saturday overtime.

    Always looking to promote!

    ALL 3 SHIFTS!!!!

    Company is involved in "Necessary" products that are always in-demand.

    Contract to hire and contract-only opportunities available!

West Side pick/pack and matrials movement opportunities.

  • Location: Elyria
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $10-$15 hour
  • Description:

    Rapidly expanding organizations.

    Soild careers, or contract-only for short-term opportunities.

    Soild money. Opportunities for permanent. Opportunities for promotion to leadership positions.


Packers. Medina area!

  • Location: Medina area
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $12 ++
  • Description:

    ALL 3 shifts.

    Closed toe shoes. Fast and repetitive work 7.5 hours per day.

    2 week training for any job here.



Production. Kent and Tallmadge

  • Location: Kent, Tallmadge
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $12-$16.00
  • Description:


    Many bonuses available for good work and attendance.

    GREAT Benefits!!!!

    2nd and 3rd shifts available now!

    CONTRACT TO HIRE (Permanent)

KENT: General Labor. Earn $870 per week!

  • Location: Kent
  • Type: Full time
  • Description:

    Make a ton of money. Work 6 days.

    You want $ don't you?

    General labor + be skill-trained to handle other functions. EARN GOOD $$$

    Learn a long-term career! 1st shift

Machining supervisor. Akron/ Canton area.

  • Location: Akron/ Canton
  • Type: Full time. Direct Hire
  • Rate: $65,000 base. Direct Hire, not a contract job.
  • Description:

    Milss, Lathes, finishing equipment in an international/ solid organization. Lots of potential and stability.

    Oversee, schedule, train, oversee quality and juggle custom and production work.

    Not an operator. No sets. No programming.

    Bring us your machinist skills and ability to lead.

    Phenomenal benefits.

    1st shift.

Middlefield/ Geauga County Opportunities

  • Location: Geauga County
  • Type: Full time
  • Rate: $13-$19.00 per hour
  • Description:

    Our Middlefield Ohio-based office ALWAYS represents solid companies looking to hire solid people.

    Every day, Every Week!

    You need to know us.

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