Sometimes, you just have to Do Different

Champion solves hiring, productivity, and retention problems for Employers. We work with candidates (job-seekers) to help them achieve  a Better Job, a Better Life.

About Champion

Many years ago we got really tired of hearing:
"Why would I want to work with you?
You're probably the same as all the other employment agencies, slinging bodies to fill the quota". We had heard enough.

We work too hard and too smart to be dumped into that can of trash.

Our candidates are interviewed in-person, for Character and Skills and onboarded/immersed to "Work Expectations", then onboarded to our specific clients.

It is all part of our system of Operational Excellence.

Champion Personnel Eagle

Hiring with Purpose®, for Employers

A long time ago we had to make a decision; to be an “employment agency” like the rest - looking for high billings and not caring about clients or workers, OR to be a business that solves business problems for business people. 

We chose the latter. We get to sleep better. We chose to Do Different.

We are serious about continual improvement. We are serious about being agile.

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For Employers

For Candidates


Candidates, We Strive for A Better Job, A Better Life

We know you're not happy with the typical experience you have with employment agencies. Here's what you'll get from every encounter with a Champion staff member:

  • We care about you. You're not just a body to fill a job.
  • Getting a position you can be good at is only the first step, we guide you to continued success.
  • We want you to excel and get trained for new skills that can lead into Promotions, Raises, Bonuses and Stability.
  • We exist to help you achieve: A Better Job. A Better Life.

Employment agencies don't do that.

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Champion Personnel

Hiring With Purpose®

We solve hiring, productivity and workforce stability issues. Our proprietary evaluation and assessment platform was purposely developed through 50+ years of continual learning and improvement. Our consulting staff averages 7+ years of professional experience, 150+ hours per year in training and uses an internal accountability value founded in ISO quality systems.

Hiring With Purpose® involves you. The process is designed to assure that all involved move in the same direction, building a more productive and profitable workplace.

  • 01. Collaboration

    Open discussion about your goals and how we can help you achieve those goals. Our skilled staff will work with you to define specific expectations and formulate a timeline for hitting those goals.
  • 02. Success Profile

    Our skilled staff will walk you through the process of building a success profile - a highly accurate profile description that defines the skills, talents and abilities that make someone successful in each position.
    We approach this critical component as though we were a retainer search firm.
  • 03. Process of Hiring

    We consult with you on your process of hiring and work with you to devise the best interview and selection strategy to meet your employment goals.
  • 04. Proactive Sourcing

    On your behalf, Champion does not wait to be found by people seeking jobs. We proactively source the best potential candidates through direct, indirect and personal referral methods. We are both "New and Old School" with our methodology, using the best of technology and direct contact with passive and active job seekers.
  • 05. Onboarding/Immersion

    By definition, the process of "engaging an employee." Champion interviews all candidates IN PERSON and conducts TWO Onboarding/Immersion sessions: one is C.O.R.E. Onboarding to "work" expectations, and the second is specifically to your organization.
  • 06. Immersion Walk-Through

    As a team, Champion and the client "walk-through" your organization and help potential workers get a feel for working there. It helps to select the best from our observations, and allows those who are not interested to self-select out. Our clients love this.
  • 07. Retention

    Our skilled consultants will work with you to ensure your company is doing everything it can to retain highly productive employees. We'll make sure you maximize your workforce and improve profitability.
  • 08. Metrics

    This is where we prove we're doing what we say we can. We work with you to devise and improve ongoing metric systems to show and prove that the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your hiring process is improving.

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