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Optimizing Production

13, May by Champion Personnel

Optimizing Production in the Ramp-Up with Michael Ryan

Champion Personnel Systems is a flexible talent acquisition and consulting group designed to strategically pair job candidates and employers together so both parties' benefit. 

How to Reopen After COVID-19

Today, we are joined by Michael Ryan from M. Ryan Group, to discuss the principles that have to be reapplied or newly applied to help companies gain the stability that they are missing and to gain the cash flow that they are missing.

Now that we are starting to re-open Ohio after the stay at home order, there are going to be some changes that should take place in your business, and not just health and safety precautions. 

What are some of the principles that have to be reapplied or newly applied to help companies gain the stability that they are missing to gain the cash flow that they are missing? That the M. Ryan Group can help with?

What is Your Existing Customer Demand?

It is essential to identify what your current customers need, whether you have shut down as a result of COVID-19 or if your operations were slowed down at all and limited. It is important to assess your materials and resources before you fully reopen so that you don’t run out of resources and have to shut down again. 

Learn More About the M. Ryan Group

If you are interested in unlocking cash from your inventory, contact the M. Ryan Group to learn more. 

Learn More About Champion Personnel Systems

If you are struggling with employee retention, our processes help to significantly reduce turnover and help you improve your hiring processes. Contact us today to learn more. You can also learn more by watching videos like this in our video library. 

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Unlocking Cash from Your Inventory

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If you have a manufacturing company and you're searching for money in your assets and inventory, Michael can show you where to get it!

Inventory Icebergs

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Most manufacturers focus on the inventory that they can see, but their inventory iceberg lies below the surface comprising about 90% of their actual inventory.

Don't Blame the Employment Agency

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Why Organizations Do Not Implement Onboarding/ Immersion

Why Do Hourly Workers Walk Off the Job

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One of the biggest problems companies who have hourly employees always experience is walk-offs. Turnaround is something every business has to deal with at one time or another, but if you are dealing with it consistently, then it may be time to change a few things.

How Training Your Supervisors Affects Turnover

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Did you know that the way you train your supervisors and the amount of turnover you experience are directly related?

Who Decides Workplace Culture? | Champion Staffing in Cleveland, Ohio

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We all know how important workplace culture can be and the importance of the role it plays in the daily lives of employees and business leaders alike.

The Issue with Using Online Employee Recruiting

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One of the biggest mistakes that employers make using artificial intelligence in the hiring process.

Connecting with Your Job Candidates

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What do you say to your candidates when you really want them to work for you? This could make or break their decision to join your team.

Unexpected Turnover

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many business experience unexpected turnover with out even knowing it.

Basic Mistakes Industrial Firms Make That Cause Turnover | Cleveland, Ohio

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Over the years, we have seen it time and time again, the mistakes that industrial firms make when hiring new employees.

Why Would a Qualified Person Want to Work for You?

By Champion Personnel
May 30, 2019 Category: For Employers

START with all the good things, all the bad things, and all the things you are working on within your organization to make it the BEST workplace you can. Write them down. Be honest with yourself and other hiring managers. Then THINK from the perspective of the potential employee: what is that person looking for? The GOOD, the BAD, and the Not there yet factors and influences about being employed by your organization. Here is a rather exhaustive list of items to consider: What is the actual work environment: People, team, supervisor? How difficult, or easy, is the work really? Best days? Worst days? Is there a TEAM? What are the barriers to entry? (What does the team expect? What Maze could they put you through? What is the real training? Who does it? Length? On own? What are the expected results? What new skills will be learned? Describe people who started in the position and have been successful. What traits did they when they started/ do they have now? Describe the company. History?

Why Hourly Workers Can “Walk Off” Jobs

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May 24, 2019 Category: Employers, Retention, Hiring, Hourly Worker Mentality

Champion shares why hourly workers feel that it is okay for them to leave early or walk off on a new job.

Managed Staffing and Shared Development

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May 23, 2019 Category: For Employers

Organizations now feel the need to use multiple candidate sources, just to meet with more bodies and sort them out.

Understand the Job Opening Before You Look for Candidates

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Champion wants to make sure their client know the in's and out's of their job opening before they look for the right candidate.

A Shared Purpose for Your Workforce

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Champion shares how to make sure your workforce has a shared purpose and why that is beneficial for business

How to Find a Hard-Working Hourly Employee

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March 28, 2019 Category: Employer, Productivity

Champion Personnel can help you find a good hardworking hourly employee.

Why You Should Choose Champion

By Champion Personnel
March 21, 2019 Category: Hiring, Employers

If you need help staffing your business, a consultation, or have any questions about who we are and why you should choose us, then please contact us and let us help you achieve a better life!

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