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Who Decides Workplace Culture? | Champion Staffing in Cleveland, Ohio

17, Oct by Champion

We all know how important workplace culture can be and the importance of the role it plays in the daily lives of employees and business leaders alike. However, who decides what the culture of the company is and for what reasons?

First, you must define culture: values in action. Not just values labeled somewhere like in your employee manual or on the wall, but really seeing these values put into place. 

Who Decides What Culture Is?

Most people think that it is the CEO, c-suit, and the human resources department chatting in a room for hours on end. And they would be right. But, the most important part of that conversation is who are those values going to impact. Obviously, the employees will be part of those values, but the first concern should be the customers. 

How to Effectively Put Culture into Place

In almost every company, there are different units within that company. Each unit will have its own leaders who report to the next level and so on. The only way to effectively implant your decided company culture is to teach each team leader what your culture is and how to put it into action. 

It can be hard to retain employees, and properly enacting a company culture is a simple and effective way to boost morale in your company. This starts with the hiring process all the way through the retirement of that employee. If you want to learn how to keep your employees, then contact us at Champion Personnel Systems today! 

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