How We Fix It

How We Fix It

Champion's Purpose is to improve hiring, productivity and retention issues our clients find annoying, time consuming and profit-busting.

We are business people helping business people solve business issues.

Lasting and effective solutions to business issues need to be applied from a proven methodology and on a 'custom to the client' basis that are founded in what works and what does not. Then forged into a meaningful Platform.

We have done that, where other services stick with 'whatever works today to get billings'. 

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Hiring with Purpose

Champion has engineered that Platform and applies it to all of our clients' hiring issues in an agile fashion. No two clients have identical needs nor identical dynamics. It is all about YOU and your workforce goals.

  • We ask more of the right questions than anyone. About your organization, culture, expectations, technical knowledge and skills needed, and the character that will best fit today and in the future. We focus on your goals. We make you think. And that makes us think. And work towards a collaborative solution. 
  • We develop agreed-upon expectations and form all the desired characteristics into a "profile" of the person/people to be hired. We focus not just on the "what", but more importantly, the WHY and the HOW this can be accomplished.
  • Champion does proactive multi-sourcing for each assignment. Our referrals come from our most successful and proven workers. Our proactive sources come from thoughtful use of Artificial Intelligence, employer-client referrals, deep relationships in all technical processes of North East Ohio, consistent and attractive advertising, social media, and a 50+ year history of servicing our North East Ohio working community. Our reputation is one of caring, not processing of applications.
  • ALL prospective workers are interviewed and evaluated in person. We do not take short cuts. Our in-person meetings are founded in behavioral sciences and an accumulated expertise of over 350 years. 
  • Champion conducts the most in-depth Onboarding-Immersion processes designed by any staffing service or Talent Management consulting firm. We onboard to Work. We onboard to each client. We purposefully create an enduring commitment to your organization, and the work itself. Ask us about our immersion walk-throughs
  • Our skilled professionals advise you on how to upgrade YOUR onboarding and retention systems. We actually wrote the book on it: The Great Workplace 2.0
  • Most services stop their efforts at the time of hire or assignment. Our platform extends our co-management of personnel through the first year of engagement with our workers and you. Feedback and adjustments can solidify a worker's commitment.
  • But we don’t stop there. Business problems go beyond hiring. Champion has hand-selected an exceptional group of business partners, The Operational Excellence Partners, to help address business challenges you may find perplexing: Supervisory Coaching and Assessments, Hidden Inventory Profitability, Master Contract Purchasing, Proactive Labor and Employment Law, Executive Coaching and Succession Development, I.T. and Systems Implementation, Manufacturing Systems, Distribution Systems and Team and Talent Management Development.

Champion is not an "employment or temporary agency" in the pejorative use of those terms.

We have redefined what you should expect of an outside hiring service or employment agency with Flexible & Professional Talent Acquisition

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