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Less Artificial. More Intelligent. More Personal.

Robotics, Large-Scale manufacturing controls, Data-Driven Metrics, and mass-data communications are all appropriate platforms for Artificial Intelligence. Algorithms can make the same thing happen over and over…in machines…mechanical or electronics-based. 

But A.I. is still in its infancy. It has a LONG way to go in the selection and adaptation processes of Human/Opportunity/ culture matching and development.

The A.I. experts openly admit that Judging human Character, emotions, motivations and the spark that comes with matching Culture and Values with Workplace Opportunity is beyond the reach of A.I. in its current form.

Champion eschews the current trends of hands-off employee/ opportunity matching by back-office algorithms.

We Are Old School | Champion


  • We meet every hiring client to discuss short and long-term goals, hiring and retention improvement opportunities.
  • We tour every facility and learn what all job opportunities entail, the skills required, the training and development initiatives and to feel and see the actual Culture and Character of each organization.
  • We learn the organization’s history, values, and future…as though we work there. We learn the expectations and rewards of employment.
  • We become accountable for the workforce success of our client organization and our judgment used in collaboration with the client to achieve goals…none of which is based in artificially-created algorithms.
  • We help implement PROVEN immersion and onboarding strategies to decrease turnover and increase workforce productivity.
  • We meticulously follow up with the client and the new worker after the start of employment to exchange developmental feedback for the benefit of both.
  • We personally meet with every candidate to discover skills, motivations, issues and CHARACTER/ Values. Only a personal meeting can accomplish this.
  • We become the person’s career coach, boss and Mentor in a world where those positive influences are disappearing.
  • We implement workplace expectations.
  • We onboard/ immerse each potential worker to the organization and the work to be accomplished BEFORE they set foot in your facility.
  • We create the foundation for the worker to have a   Durable commitment to the organization and the work itself    in collaboration with our client.


Person to person. Open discussions. Asking the right questions and questioning the answers.
Discovering Character. Discovering the WHO and the WHY. 
Seeing beyond the obvious®.

If algorithms today can drive a car, why is a person required to be at the wheel?

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