A Better Job, A Better Life

See your present, and your future, differently.

It is time for you to rise above the rest.

Not just because you say you want to, or dream about it, but because you can. And will.

You have used or tried to use, other “employment agencies”.

They don’t seem to care about you as a person or about your potential. They simply want to “process” your application, arrange for you to start working at some kind of company, in a job they don’t seem to understand: “Report to Sam at 6:00am, at this address. Wear work clothes. Let me know how you do.”

And that’s about it.

Ever felt this way?

Their concern about you as a person is on par with how you feel when you call your cable or mobile company about your bill.

With no money spent by you, Champion will show you how to take your skills, education, experiences, desires and ambitions and turn them into a meaningful present and future: How to make a good job into A Better Job, and make your life A Better Life.

That is what you really want, isn’t it? A Better Life?

What People Say:

  • I was referred to Champion by a friend (who’s also employed full-time now) back in December. They placed me within a week at a great company and the rest is history. Six months later, I’ve been offered a full time position making 3x what I was making before working with Angela and Champion Personnel. 
  • If you have education, experience, and/or a good work ethic Champion is the place to be. I tried finding a position with a number of the other agencies in the area (Area Temps, Global Technical Recruiters, Integrity Staffing, and Alliance Industrial Solutions) and never heard back. I reached out a few times and still nothing. Champion remained in constant contact and coached me through the entire process. 
  • One of the big concerns in working for a temp agency is transparency and working conditions. Not with Champion. Speaking from experience, they hire for companies that care about their contractors. Put in the work and you’ll be rewarded. 
  • Champion is fantastic. They care about finding the right job for you, not just filling open positions. Their entire staff was extremely helpful and really cared about how I was doing at each job and made sure she helped out as much as possible. After trying to find jobs myself, and then using champion, I would recommend champion 10/10 times no matter what.
  • I had applied to a temp agency on the first floor. As I was leaving, in disgust, a gentleman asked what was wrong. When I told him he asked if I had been to Champion on the second floor, and suggested I at least try. BEST decision I have made in a long time. They not only cared about me as a person, they quickly found me a job I know I’ll be with for a long time. They coached me, talked with me, not AT me.
  • Champion explained to me how to get ahead of the work curve like no one else has. Not my family, teachers or friends. It has made all the difference in getting ahead in my work. They really care.
  • No job is 100% fun and easy. Champion helped me through a lot of the fog right from the beginning with the company I am still with. Without Champion’s help, I would not have received the raises and promotions I got. Thank you.
  • It took Champion about a month to get me into a great job, with a future. They worked hard at it and kept in touch with me.
  • Champion walked me through what they call CORE. It made a huge difference in understanding what work and life are all about.

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