Immersion Walkthroughs

A productive opportunity for talent engagement

When job opportunities are presented to willing and qualified candidates, even a thorough verbal and video explanation can fall short of full engagement for the potential employee. The candidate can conjure a mental image of the organization and the opportunity that could be skewed from reality. Walking into the facility for the first day of work could produce more questions than there is time to answer or a completely different view and concept of where they will be "living" for many years to come.

Champion has found that this could result in reduced productivity or a longer time to achieve productivity. It stems from a lack of engagement with performance expectations and environment, resulting in unexpected "walk-offs" after 1-2 weeks of training has been invested.

Immersion Walkthroughs

A proven method to better engagement is the Immersion Walk-Through. This works extremely well when multiple people need to be hired or when a single hire should be purposefully immersed for high productivity. It is best performed with groups larger than the number of required personnel.

The Immersion Walk-Through allows both "Self-selection out" ("I don't want this job") and the observation of potential workers’ reactions to the jobs and environment ("This person was excited. This person was not paying attention" In doing so, mis-hires are reduced quickly and effectively with no pay or training involved.

As a productive component of Onboarding/ Immersion, Champion can help you design a program that reduces hiring issues, increase productivity and encourages retention of those people you want to keep and develop.

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