Effective Managed Staffing

Una Voice. Una Mente.
(One Voice. One Mind.)

Champion’s first goal in managing all staffing for a client is to take an enormous burden of the accountability off your desk. Using multiple resources, potentially competing with each other, can produce more confusion than is warranted to focus on goals. More than One Voice assures a lack of consistency.

Building a Positive Employment Brand

There are many goals in building A Great Workplace.

A main focus should be in creating and building a Positive “Employment Brand”. An employment brand is the market perception of what it's like to work for an organization. In other words, it's the image that your prospective, current and past employees have in their minds about the employment experience at your company.

Do Different

Part One: Set expectations & improve retention

By communicating upfront and clearly what it’s like to work for your organization, you set expectations about what it means to be a successful employee at your company. You can showcase the skills and traits that are highly valued in your organization so that new hires know how to behave upon starting.

This communication resonates with the job seekers who are able and willing to meet these expectations. As a result, the ones who apply and get hired are less likely to leave your organization. In fact, HRO Today (Publication) states that employment branding can reduce employee turnover by nearly two-thirds.

When Champion manages the entire process, it streamlines our collaborative ability to be effective by creating One Voice and One Mind to not only handle all hiring, but just as importantly, help build your Great Workplace corporate and personal goals.

  1. We appoint a small group of internal experts (Including our CEO) to get to know your organization intimately. Your real history, the environment, the supervisors and managers, the jobs (in detail), your culture (See our articles on REAL organization Culture) and get to know HOW to effectively present your organization to potential workers. Our goal here is to “create an enduring commitment to your organization and the work itself.” On behalf of every appropriate potential worker/staff member. This becomes (Continually improved upon) your organization’s “Story” that is designed to educate the potential worker, solidify ONE accurate STORY that not only describes the history of the organization but the present and future. It deals intimately with your Purpose, Values and worker expectations/ organization expectations. It answers the WHAT, WHY and HOW the organization needs and wants to function.
  2. Part of that STORY describes HOW your product(s) are made, from start to finish and the customer they are sold to. WHY the customer buys from you, and the actual role the worker plays in assuring a satisfied customer.
  3. That STORY will also delve into current initiatives within the organization designed to improve overall performance and WHAT will and WHY, affect the worker and his/her future with the organization.
  4. Our experts will probe with you and all management to discover from where your potential hiring and retention issues have originated and we will outline the steps that can be taken to minimize those issues. This is an ongoing process and not meant to be a “take a pill” cure.
  5. The STORY will/ can be shared with any person in the organization involved with Hiring, Training and Mentoring new hires. It is important all personnel involved present the STORY in a consistent way.
  6. For our clients with ongoing hiring needs or one-time large hiring to be done, we take your STORY and translate it to our (or your) guided tour of the organization. We call this The Immersion Experience (“Walk Through” as used by many). The Walk Through, done properly, is designed to allow and encourage potential workers to VISUALIZE being there 8+ hours per day, see exactly where and with whom they will work, the actual job itself, and get a “feel” for the entire organization to create a “Buy in” or “Buy out” pre-disposition to want to participate. This can dramatically cut down on fast “quits”, after training. If a person were thinking that it would not be a good fit, we want this to happen BEFORE they start, not right after they get their first check.
  7. When Champion is directly or indirectly involved in the IMMERSION EXPERIENCE, we spend time talking to each person after the walk through and probe for honest fit, doubts, other opportunities, and real motivations to join your team. We find it easy to encourage “OUTS” and therefore save time and money on training or orientation BEFORE a person begins work. We look for body language and commitment beyond the words in our conversation.
  8. To make the IMMERSION EXPERIENCE more complete, we can offer electronic audio systems that allow each participant to hear the entire experience, not just when the guide is facing the group. We find that most industrial/manufacturing and distribution organizations have a noise level that detracts from a normal audio presentation.
  9. The entire IMMERSION EXPERIENCE is based on your organization’s STORY and the reality of working there today. That same STORY is used with each candidate in a PERSONAL INTERVIEW and preparation with each candidate in our office. This STORY becomes the “UNA VOCE. UNA MENTE.” (One Voice. One Mind.) for all hiring. It can become a critical component to your WORK CULTURE. And a focal point to building the CULTURE you wish to maintain and flourish.
  10. Should our client wish to use other back-up services (as you will see later this should not be advised or necessary) the consistency of Una Voce. Una Mente could easily be lost or confused according to the service being used. It can create groups of differing knowledge. This alone eats away at a solid and predictable environment. Should our client wish to use other referral sources along with Champion, we would ask to manage that service so all preparation work is being accomplished consistently.

Part Two: Understanding Every Job

  1. Understanding every job to be filled, not simply having a loose job description. Not the descriptions you may have in a 10-year old employee manual. We ask the right questions to generate a job description (Duties, actual % of time doing these, what is trained) that is accurate and useful in defining the actual Profile of a person to be hired. We watch the job being done. We ask the questions of current workers, supervisors and those people knowledgeable in the processes being performed. We look at those current workers who are successful. The idea is to generate a practical, workable:
  2. Worker profile. This is a “Person description” that includes skills, knowledge, attitude, learning abilities, “experiences” that a person may have had PLUS (and depending upon the level of the position versus “Length of experience in a certain field”) the important components of a person’s CHARACTER that will match the Culture and Expectations of the workplace. Champion’s platform for Psychometric Behavioral Interviews includes and demands a 17-point evaluation of a potential worker in-person. IN PERSON. We don’t shortcut our accountability by using A.I. terminology or methodology to simply match words on a resume with job descriptions. These Profiles are shared and known to all involved in the hiring and supervisory processes. They can be tweaked and re-published as advised.
  3. With each position or positions in a group there could be a demand for further potential for the worker. We enhance our PROFILE to include potential or necessary future skills the worker may need. This can also be used in the selection and preparation processes as sales points (for retention) for those workers looking for long term opportunities, not just jobs.
  4. Why would the person we seek want to work at this organization, in a particular position with the potential the organization has in mind? Champion take all we know about your story, the environment, the future and your expectations and puts it in an organized manner to “CONNECT and ENGAGE” with the people you want.
  5. Consistency of Profile to be found, with allowances that no two people are alike is our start to finding the right people with the workplace.

Part Three: Build Trust

  1. Champion is well known in the North East Ohio worker community. 57 years in business and 5 North East Ohio facilities that all work as a single team gives us advantages few other services can dream of. This provides Champion the power to penetrate all facets of the worker community to seek and find the people you want and need. Our reputation of TRUST has been earned.
  2. The ability to recruit specifically for you. Champion has the ability to “Mass Recruit” on behalf of your organization, in a professional manner, without sending out “Mixed Messages” or creating Employment Brand confusion in the worker community. Enlisting more than one service to recruit and to accomplish attracting many people, will ALWAYS create confusion. Different services will have differing messages. Champion has internal resources and professionals who can be assigned to your hiring and do a thorough search in the market. Quietly, efficiently.  
  3. Champion can create Branded Recruiting Open Houses throughout our organization, at your location (s), on Champion’s website, in targeted candidate communities, and in social media. We can create an “application station” in your lobby for anyone walking in. It will direct the curious to call a Champion office or return to the location for an open-house or Immersion Experience, reducing interruptions to your staff.

Part Four: One Voice. One Mind.

  1. Champion will be responsible for scheduling and conducting worker performance follow up reviews with your supervisory staff and the workers. Performance and interest level/ intentions will be documented and given to those whom you designate. An overview of total performance of Champion’s workforce and our service to you will be formally scheduled at intervals you designate.
  2. Champion will, on an ongoing basis, report to your designated representative on any internal issues that could be affecting worker performance and turnover. Our goal is to help you identify opportunities to build on a Great Workplace Culture.
  3. Champion will have installed time and attendance reporting tools (Time Clocks) that will accurately report hours worked/ not worked directly to Champion and Champion will make these reports immediately available to you.
  4. Champion will establish clear and organized lines of communications with supervisors to “order” personnel needed or not needed. A representative of Champion will be available 24/7/365 to deal with openings on an immediate basis or on a pre-planned basis.
  5. Depending upon your need, Champion will have an experienced representative available on-site for communications with supervisors, workers and your management staff.

Effective Managed Staffing by Champion Personnel

Effective Managed Staffing is not a product off the shelf. It is deep wisdom, goals, and a collaborative effort to achieve end results in a specific environment. It is a well-motivated TEAM of professionals who listen to solve issues before they affect productivity and retention. That TEAM needs to function with One Voice and One Mind while remaining flexible for what people and time throw at you.

The best way to discover if we are right for each other is to have a brief meeting at your facility, share our common goals and uncover the characteristics that make your organization and ours unique.

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