Creating a durable commitment to the organization and the work itself.

Research shows that nearly half of employees don’t know their organization’s objectives, state of performance or how their individual role helps the organization meet its goals. 87% of employees are not engaged at work. Scary. But fixable.

Organizations who create a strong onboarding/ immersion system enjoy a 66% increase in employees who are likely to stay for 3 years, and a 25% decrease in “time to productivity” from the date of start.

A well intended active talent acquisition effort may not be enough to achieve your corporate Vision.

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Talent Immersion by Champion

Champion’s Talent Immersion Practice uses best-in-class and professionally developed flexible concepts and systems to help you create an enduring and productive introduction and continual development system of new hires to your organization. When existing personnel are re-immersed in your system, the outcomes can create a new Vision, a new tangible future. We know how to assist your efforts in creating The Great Workplace, regardless of where you are today.

Don’t let the thought of a “better future” cause you to think of marketing propaganda. We understand that reaction in today’s “everyone is a professional consultant” environment. Champion lives hiring, productivity and retention 24/7/365, and has for over 50 years. We have worked with the success and failures within over 12,000 client organizations and learned from each one.

We also, literally, wrote the book on creating The Great Workplace 2.0. No other firm in talent acquisition has done this.

Our sole Purpose is to help you reduce hiring issues, increase productivity and the retention of talent who will help you achieve your Goals, Mission and Vision.

We are not a typical employment agency.

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