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What is "Do Different"?

It is the antithesis of “You are all the same, throwing bodies at jobs to just get billings.” Years ago we simply got tired of hearing that.

So, we talked with clients. We talked with disgruntled and ecstatic HR Directors, business owners and managers, our own highly experienced staff, and the staffs of our “competitors”. We engaged exceptional behavioral assessment organizations, consultants and leading “business minds”.

The result: A stringent Platform (System) that is used by every Champion Staff Professional to satisfy each client and worker for the long run: Hiring With Purpose®.

It is both leading edge AND “Old School”: In-person interviews. In-person immersion. In-person counselling. In-person client visits. Immersion walk-throughs. One-over professional evaluations. Character evaluations. Detailed “Match” evaluations. Management and counselling of workers. On-site consultations focused on workforce stability and productivity. Internal all-office Collaboration, not competition. And the absolute best of data mining (A.I.).

And we don’t stop once a match is made. We take our co-management duties of workers very seriously. Our follow up with clients and workers, problem solving on both sides of the equation, is unprecedented and thorough. We perform as though we work at our client’s site. 24/7, 365.

Our Platform is “Agile” and under Continual Improvement.

“Second Best Isn’t Good Enough®” is not a catch-phrase. It is a Champion VALUE. In everything we do. It describes, in today’s world of non-accountability, why Champion does what we do.

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