Since 2009 you've been able to give me opportunities for employment at Champion. Before then I've been through numerous temp agencies since 2004 and was unable to land into a full time position through any of them. Working with you and Champion I've been able to find 2 full time jobs, the first being at Independent Stamping where I worked there for 7 years and now here at The Cleveland Stamping Company where you assisted me in getting a position with them immediately after I left Independent for a better chance to provide for my son. I know I can come to you and be able to receive your honesty and your 100% efforts in helping me. Again, Thank You for everything!!
Thank you for taking the time and working with Larry with his job search.  If there is anything else that you need please feel free to contact me. 

Also side note. I also went through Champion 17 years ago (downtown office), I am still at my place of employment that Champion sent me to. I came here on a five day temporary assignment and never left.
Champion is fantastic. They care about finding the right job for you, not just filling open positions. Angela Amistadi was extremely helpful and really cared about how I was doing at each job and made sure she helped out as much as possible. After trying to find jobs myself, and then using champion, I would recommend champion 10/10 times no matter what.
I was referred to Champion by a friend (who’s also employed full-time now) back in December. You placed me within a week at a great company and the rest is history. Six months later, I’ve been offered a full time position making 3x what I was making before working with Champion Personnel. 
If you have education, experience, and/or a good work ethic Champion is the place to be. I tried finding a position with a number of the other agencies in the area (Area Temps, Global Technical Recruiters, Integrity Staffing, and Alliance Industrial Solutions) and never heard back. I reached out a few times and still nothing. Angela remained in constant contact and coached me through the entire process. 
One of the big concerns in working for a temp agency is transparency and working conditions. Not with Champion. Speaking from experience, they hire for companies that care about their contractors. Put in the work and you’ll be rewarded.
Champion has helped me in so many ways. When I first started going through the company I had little-to-no skill in the manufacturing field, but I was determined to learn. I remember going to Angela Amistadi with an application and a work-ready disposition. After going through several temp/seasonal jobs to develop more skill, I began to learn several job trades, which gave me better opportunities. Soon after, Angela helped me build a more responsive resume, along with my new-found job skills, I then landed a job that later became a career. I refer everyone in need of work, not only to Champion, but to Angela Amistadi. If it wasn't for Angela/champion, I wouldn't have had the manufacturing diversity I possess today. Thanks for everything. You guys not only took time to help build my experience, but you actually show true concern and that's what separates' Champion from the rest of these agencies. Thanks Champion. Thanks Angela Amistadi.
Thank you! I stopped in to interview with another employment agency on the first floor of your building. They treated me without any respect. I met the owner of your company in the lobby and he suggested I visit Champion on the second floor. Thank you again! Beautiful offices and friendly people. A week later I had a good job, good pay and I think I will like it here. My company hired me and gave me a good raise.
Cindy keeps in touch with me. Every week. She cares and has encouraged me to do my best. I have been learning new skills and work assignments. I got a pay raise. Life is pretty good now. I referred some friends to her who got jobs they like. Cindy is the best.
Your Kyle is like a big brother to me. He knows machining as do I. He put me with a great company where I love the people and the work. He drops in to see us every couple of weeks and asks how we are doing. I feel like he understands me and the work I am doing.
I don’t like employment agencies. At all. I have worked through a few over the years and have been treated like a box. Your guy Don is like me, no nonsense and honest. Found me my current job and I like it. I’m treated well and paid well. Thanks Don!
You had me read a bunch of stuff about how to get and keep a good job. It seemed like a bunch of garbage until I started using it with Alison’s help. No one told me that stuff before. I am now an employee of the company she placed me at and it’s good. I got more money and a promotion to another line. Alison: I’m on time every day now! How about a bonus?!
Cindy, Dushawn Brown here. I’m at work early and want you to know that you’ve done a great job finding me a new Career. I really appreciate meeting you, you are excellent with being transparent and giving me customer service. I will be recommending you going forward! Only you! I hope this brings you positivity as you have brought me. Thank you!
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