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Some people may call this temp, temporary, temp to perm, executive search or employment, or job agency services.

Our results, methodology, precision, and longevity have earned us the right to NOT be part of those categories.

Contract Hiring (Temporary)

Call it what you will at your dinner table.

We STRONGLY prefer to say "Contract Employee, or Associate" rather than "Temps" or "Temporaries."

Getting the best efforts from ANY worker (at any level) is all about creating a durable commitment to the organization and the work itself.

We do provide qualified, personally interviewed, screened, drug tested and onboarded/immersed workers at ALL levels in all of our specialty areas including professional. And Champion is available 24/7/365 to fulfill those requirements and to manage the Contract Employees.

I'm an hourly worker. Want me to be productive and stick around?


Contract to Hire (Temp to Perm)

Your intent is to bring new employees onto your payroll through an introductory process, where both you and the newly contracted employee can see how each behave. It's a two-way observation.

Champion strongly recommends treating the Contract to Hire worker as though they are already part of your permanent staff. This method of engagement shows the reality of working there for the future and does not create an "us versus you" relationship. Champion, as the workers' co-manager, follows up with you and the worker to encourage expected performance, solving issues 

Direct Hire (Permanent Hire)Champion Personnel Cartoon

The selected candidate is put immediately on your payroll. They are not a contract or contract to hire employee. Our clients find this works best with salaried and difficult to find employees...at ANY level, hourly and salaried. We charge a one-time fee for our services backed by a retention guarantee. 

Managed Staffing

Onsite and Offsite

Champion designs and implements a custom system specifically for your organization to center the accountability of workforce stability, accuracy, speed and ease of access squarely in our lap. 

Professional Talent Acquisition (Executive Search)

We find the people who are not looking for you.

Our purpose is to be an extension of your organization, thoroughly understand your company and the opportunity you need to fill, and conduct detailed and extensive searches to uncover the right match.

During that process Champion represents you as your first point of contact so that the chosen candidates have an in-depth and accurate understanding of the opportunity and challenges that await.

We don't simply find resumes where words and titles match your job descriptions. We look deeply into skills, accomplishments, cultural fit and future potential.

We seek and find people of character who seriously desire the future you offer.

champion personnel - c.o.r.e. characterC.O.R.E.

Champion Onboarding and Retention Essentials

No other staffing service has a formal program to introduce or re-introduce the concept and practicality of "WORK" to each and every candidate. We start with the truth that most hourly workers today have not been guided by a family member or mentor or teacher to the realities of how to work or the disciplines it takes to be a valued employee, anywhere.

Champion explains reality. We discuss expectations. We discuss and mentor a person in how to deal with workplace issues and accountabilities. We give and show people reasons to follow guidelines that through good work, they can achieve a better life. And become a more valued employee.

Some of our clients are "old enough" to remember Coach Vince Lombardi's famous re-training of an experienced NFL team with "Gentlemen, this is a football" that helped make them World Champions.

"Doesn't anybody want to work anymore?" Yes. We find them and coach/ mentor/ manage them to be better.


Onboarding, Immersion and Retention Consulting

In practice and in theory, no one knows more about these topics than Champion. We wrote the book on it; The Great Workplace 2.0, after consulting with over 500 CEOs and Senior Executives in small to medium size organizations in North East Ohio about what makes their company or any company great.

The book, The Great Workplace, is published by Smart Business News and Publishing, authored by our CEO Robert Schepens, CPC.

Or request your copy at ras@thegreatworkplace.com.

Our senior executives have experience with over 10,000 organizations, hands-on, seeing what causes and corrects improvable work environments.

Our advice or consulting could correct culture, productivity and retention issues you may not be aware of or know how to handle your own.


champion operational partnersChampion Operational Excellence Partners

At the request of many of our closest clients, we sought out and evaluated a select group of Operational Excellence Partners to assist with non-hiring business issues that could be blocking your growth or efficiencies. 

We have chosen the best organizations in their disciplines who are located in North East Ohio. They can help you address and solve:

  • Supervisory challenges.
  • Leadership development.
  • Succession planning.
  • Inventory and related process/ cash flow.
  • Purchasing efficiencies. Employment and labor issues.
  • Process development and improvement.
  • Information technology concerns.
  • Project implementation and management. 

We are business people helping business people solve business issues.


Payroll Services

Many of our clients ask Champion to “employ” promising candidates who have been found casually. They do not want to immediately put that person on their organization’s permanent payroll. Champion welcomes that.


Are you ready to DO DIFFERENT?




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