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The Champion Story

Many years ago we got really tired of hearing;

“Why would I want to work with you? You are probably like all the other employment agencies who just sling bodies at us”.

We had heard enough. We work too hard and too smart to be dumped into that can of trash.

We took our 300 years of professional staff experience, over 50 years of corporate experience, the best ideas from the best business minds in Ohio (from The Great Workplace 2.0), our own ISO 9001:2000 registered quality system experience, several professional behavioral consulting firms and the input of our best clients, and created the Hiring with Purpose® platform.

Hiring with Purpose® is not marketing hoopla. It is real. It is a system. It is a platform.

Do Different


Not Your Typical Agency

We do not rely on artificial intelligence, scam video “interviews” or just resumes and emails. Our candidates are interviewed in person, for Character and Skills and onboarded/ immersed to “Work Expectations”, then onboarded to our specific clients. We conduct thorough Immersion Walk-Throughs at client facilities to connect and engage potential workers.

It is all part of our system of Operational Excellence.

It is all about helping you achieve your hiring, productivity, retention and therefore profit goals.

No spaghetti and meatballs.

Further, we are the only service of our kind that offers a professional group of proven, local Operational Excellence Partners to help you solve business issues that can affect your growth and profitability.


If what you are doing has not achieved your workforce goals:


Ask Us How

A Little More About Champion

From your shop floor through your executive suite. 5 offices in North East Ohio all working together. Flexible Talent Acquisition. Not an employment agency. Business people helping business people solve business issues.

Founded in North East Ohio in 1964, Champion Personnel System, Inc has assisted over 12,000 hiring organizations, filling over 100,000 direct hire assignments and over 3 million contract (“temp”) and contract to hire assignments. We are second generation hands-on family ownership. Of note:  Multiple Weatherhead 100, North Coast 99, and North East Ohio Business Excellence Awards. And The Great Workplace 2.0 ,  a seminal book written by our CEO and published by Smart Business News, after having interviewed over 500 senior business executives in North East Ohio.

About the Founder, Ralph A. Schepens

The founder, Ralph A. Schepens, CPC had been the president of the Cleveland, State of Ohio and National Associations of Personnel Services where he wrote the Code of Ethics that is still in existence today. The NAPS Association awarded Ralph with their highest honor; the Harold B. Nelson Award for lifetime service to over 10,000 employment services in the USA. His son, Robert A. Schepens, CPC, served as the president of the Cleveland and State of Ohio Associations and on the board of NAPS. Robert has been a University lecturer and board member of numerous charitable organizations including the Native American Indian Center of North East Ohio, American Cancer Society, The Fedora Network, JCUEA and The Green Ribbon Coalition. He remains an active member of John Carroll University’s Student Entrepreneurship initiative.

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