4 Easy Steps to Becoming a Valued Worker


You get paid more. You can feel stable. When work is going well, it affects your life in positive ways.

A Better Job, A Better Life


  • First impressions last. Be the BEST worker in the facility. The fastest learner. The most positive. The person who always shows up early, and stays late. Sprint to productivity. You don’t know your limits until you INTENTIONALLY exceed them. Don’t be comfortable. Push yourself. It will get noticed, as will you if you take it easy.
  • Unclutter your life. All of us have a tendency to carry our personal baggage with us anywhere we go. If you are headed to work, leave your baggage at home. There is nothing you can do about it at work that will not negatively impact your value at work.
  • Focus on learning the job to the MAX! The word here is FOCUS. Concentrate on what you are being taught. Don’t let your mind stray. Take notes. Re-read your notes. A supervisor may give you a second chance, but rarely a third. They will remember how fast you learned and the good questions you asked. When it is time to promote someone, who gets the front row? You.
  • Ignore Bad Managers. Deal with it. Don’t cop an attitude, don’t gossip, and don’t make faces when his back is turned. Others see that. At the right time, try to work it out, but don’t play the blame game, don’t get indignant and don’t confront. You WILL lose.  

The key to becoming a happier person, relative to your work life, is to exceed the expectations of your employer, and exceed the limits you set on yourself. Easy? Yes. Hard work? Yes. But it is worth it.

“If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.”

Exceed your limits, INTENTIONALLY.

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