A Better Job. A Better Life. PROOF

A Better Job. A Better Life. PROOFThere is a fairly simple way to get ahead in both Job and Life. One can follow the other.

Champion wants BOTH for you, and we have the way to do it.

Two similarly qualified people (Person A, Person B) begin jobs at two similar companies, in “Factory” positions at $10 per hour. Both will work 45 hours per week. In the beginning, both will earn $400 per week in straight pay and another $75 per week in overtime pay at 1.5 X overtime pay. Total $475 per week or annualized at $24,700 total projected income.

  • Person A prepares to give the job his absolute best effort. He will arrive early each morning, regardless of the weather. He decided to smile, be respectful to everyone, and not to get bogged down in any negative comments by supervisors or coworkers. He also decided to show that his work and attitude will make him a “valued” employee.
  • Person B prepares to “Give the job a chance”. He will put on his “don’t mess with me” face, get there about the right time, and make the company, supervisors and other workers prove to him that the work will be easy and worth doing. He’ll put in the least effort that will keep him employed. His thought is “They aren’t paying me enough to really care. It’s a job”.
  • They are both there for 2 weeks and both earn $950 before taxes.
  • During the first year, Person A received 2 raises and was trained in more valued skills. He is now making $14 per hour, plus great overtime. His total income for the first year was about $29,000 and will be about $35,000 in year 2.
  • During the first year, Person B got fired for a poor work attitude and attendance, waited 3 months to find another job at $10 hour, and didn’t like that one either, so he walked off one day. He took another job but got fired after a month for being late one day. At the end of the year he had earned about $11,000 total and was about $4,000 in debt, and behind by $5,000 in child support. He had to stop making car payments and is “staying” with people so the car place can’t find him.
  • By the end of year 2 Person, A will have earned $35,000 more than Person B who can’t seem to find a job he likes. Person A has his bills up to date, is driving a great 3-year-old car he can afford and has a girlfriend who also has a steady job. They went on a 2-week vacation to Florida. Person A has a Better Life. 
  • If A & B stay on the same paths, A will earn, in the next 45 years, at least $900,000 more than B. With promotions and more income from promotions, and job changes for higher level jobs. That total income difference could exceed $1.5 million more than Person B.
  • A Better Job is what you make of it, from day one. A Better Life is the result.

Ask us about the simple things you can do to increase your Life Satisfaction”.

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A Better Job. A Better Life.

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