Advance Your Career. Find a Partner. The Tale of Two Arrows

Advance Your Career. Find a Partner. The Tale of Two Arrows | Champion Personnel | Staffing | Cleveland, Ohio

A close friend asked me to break an arrow across my knee. Easy. Then he tied two together with leather. “Try it again.” Not easy, at all.

We all need help, support, and strengthening.

Some call the second person a “Mentor”. Not a wife, husband or friend.

Top executives, college students, new workers, hourly workers, tech workers and the formerly incarcerated will all benefit from a guidance counselor or coach.

The unfortunate fact is that in today’s world of interconnectivity, done mostly via text, phone or emails, an actual person to person engagement is severely lacking.

The best engagement is person to person. And the best person to engage with is one who will make you better.

Why Do You Need a Mentor?

  • Executives typically separate themselves in the course of their duties. Most are lonely and have few people to give them feedback.
  • College students study on their own a lot. And they are surrounded by peers. Professors teach, not coach.
  • New workers may NOT have had positive role models in their family or friends. Schools don’t teach success. They teach “stuff” to memorize.
  • Hourly workers may also have had no consistent role models, and may not be surrounded by good examples.
  • Tech workers are knee-deep in technology and may not have “life experiences” to deal with life outside of data.
  • People who have made mistakes in a former life may need constant reminders to leave that life behind and what a new path can be. We ALL need a second chance … and a role model to become.

A mentor guides and coaches. They don’t “do it for you”. They challenge you, keep you honest, and point you in the right direction. They tell the truth and help you find the truth. They answer questions. And point you toward answers.

Find a person (not a friend) who is “better than you are now” and will help you discover the “YOU”, you want to become. Do it now.

A career employment specialist can be a good way to start.

Career advancement. Find a coach. Earn more money.

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A Better Job. A Better Life.

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