After an Interview

What to do after an interview | Champion Personnel Yes, there is merit to doing this right. Not just waiting for an answer.

If you interviewed through a recruiting firm:

1) Call your recruiter immediately. Don’t wait for them to call you. Show you care and are interested. If you don’t call, a good recruiter won’t try to chase you. If they call you, don’t wait to return the call. It may be too late.

2) Tell your recruiter EVERYTHING that happened. Who you spoke with. How long. What they asked, How you answered, What mistakes did you make? What did the interviewer seem to like and not like. The recruiter may be able to fix your mistakes.

3) Why you want or don’t want the job. Be specific. Be helpful. Be honest 4) Why the company/ interviewer should hire you, for the long term. Not just because “I need a job”. Show some emotion.

5) Cover ALL the pluses and minuses with your recruiter. Be honest. If you really just want a paycheck for a little while and don’t want the job long-term…don’t take it. The recruiter’s reputation, their job, is on the line.

6) Write a “thank you” note to the employer contact. Yes, remember hearing about “thank you notes”? They can help. If you don’t get this job, they will remember you for the next. You can write it if your handwriting is good, or type it, and sign it. Don’t have a person of the opposite sex write it for you. Too obvious it was not you.

If you interviewed on your own:

1) See # 6 above. Do it.

2) Sit and think about your interview. What do you know about the job, company and your future there? If you want it, why can you do it?

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