Finances for a Better Life

Finances for a Better Life | Champion | ClevelandIt is never easy to balance life and finances. But here are some tips to make it a little easier:

  • Stay employed. Quitting a job with no other lined up will simply put you in the hole, or deeper. Fast.
  • Make a budget. On paper, and follow it. Food, gas, rent, insurances, debts, clothes, general upkeep for where you live, gas, electric, water, child care. Notice I did not say “Party”, yet.
  • Clip and use coupons. HUGE savings!
  • Look for “assistance”. Government. Gas/ electric. Rent. Get a roommate you can trust. Make sure they can pay. Make sure they are stable.
  • If you have credit cards, pay off the high interest rate ones first. But pay it off. Ignoring them will only have them catching up with you at the most inopportune time (later). Most credit cards for low incomes or non-established credit have ridiculous interest rates. Paying off ONLY the minimum due could take many, many years. And ENORMOUS amounts of money.
  • Cut up your credit cards. Until you can afford one. When you keep one or get one, pay off the balance every month.
  • Don’t have kids until you can afford them. Find the right Dad or Mom when you look to have them. I know many will be offended by this, but if you are poor already, you will sink further with the expense of children. And the kids will suffer.
  • Don’t go to the “check cashing place”. Their fees will make you broke.
  • Buy a car you can afford. If used, make sure it will work. Take it to a mechanic first. $50 for a checkup can save you hundreds in major repairs later. When you have a car, take care of it. Pay your car payment every month.
  • Get a bank account. Or a credit union account. Ask the bank for budgeting help. If you cannot get an account due to outstanding debts, pay off those debts, first, before you party.
  • Downsize everything. Sell it off.
  • Buy used clothes. There are second hand stores that can keep you looking good.
  • Quit smoking, it’s expensive, and quit drinking. It’s not only expensive, but it can help you spend more than you have.
  • Fire your bad-influence friends, who want you to be broke, like them.
  • And don’t get involved with anything illegal. Jail time will cost you, BIG.
  • There are tons of fun things to do that cost very little, if any, money. Find them, do them. It will make you feel good.
  • Go to work, every day. Work hard and smart. Get promoted, Get raises.

Make a decision to get well financially. Stop the things you are doing that make you broke.

Make a budget, and stick to it. Save a little money.

Get serious about work and getting ahead or getting stable. Work every day. Get promoted. Make more money. Save some money.

You CAN start all over again. Get help by asking a good friend who is stable to keep you on track. Not to borrow money from. Or get help from community organizations.

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