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Why You Should Choose Champion to be Your Mentor

By Champion
April 18, 2019 Category: Candidates, Mentor

At Champion Personnel, we take great pride in our ability to help you find a good job. Then we help you make it a better job, which then allows you to have a better life. One of the best ways that we can help you find the right job is to match you with a mentor who will be there for you through your whole experience. Having a mentor is one of the most critical components for a successful candidate, whether it is your first job or your tenth job, it doesnt make a difference. Find a mentor or find a coach, just find somebody who is going to help you through the good times and the not so good times. You Need Somebody to Help You Through the Unexpected Everyone knows how stressful it can be trying to get a new job but having a mentor to talk you through the steps works wonders. A very key attribute for a mentor is being able to interpret what is happening on the job such as things you would expect or things you might not expect. Moreover, your mentor will help you overcome your hardships

Over the Next 20 Years, Champion Can Help You Make $500,000 More Than Someone Who Does Not Work With Us

By Champion
April 11, 2019 Category: Candidates

Do you want to find a job that youre good at, but also makes you feel fulfilled, and allows you to provide for your family? By working with Champion, over the course of 20 years, you can earn $500,000 more than someone who does not follow our advice. Moreover, we specialize in matching you to the right employer, which will lead you to a better life! How We Help You Earn More Money At Champion, we want to make sure that every candidate who comes to us understands that our purpose is to help them get a good job. But we dont stop there! A good job is great, but we want to make it even better for you, which will allow for better choices in life. The real key though is that we cant make your life better without your cooperation. For those who do come to work with us, we can help them find the right choices to help make their life better. By listening to our advice, you can earn $500,000 more than someone who does not work with us! Our advice will help you by giving you more options and

A Better Job A Better Life for Our Candidates

By Champion
November 07, 2018 Category: Candidate

A Better Job A Better Life Tired of being constantly behind the eight ball, dodging people, bills, landlords, and governments? There is a way out. Not to throw cold water on you, but it is not an overnight solution, nor is it a government give-away. Champion can put you in a darn good job, with a darn good company, and teach you/ guide you how to make that job into a Better Job, that will lead to A Better Life. Isnt that what you want? The majority of employment agencies just want to get you working so they can bill their clients. Champion wants you to have a better life. Ask us how? Since 1964. 5 NE Ohio offices. Apply here: Apply Today Or call our central office at: 216-823-5900.

Okay I Really Do Hate Employment Agencies

By Champion
November 07, 2018 Category: Candidate, Employment Agencies

I just do. You want a good job, one that you can handle, can learn to be good at, and to not have to worry about if you are going to last through the next 90 days. You walk into the typical employment agencyor temp firmand spend hours filling out paperwork. The recruiteryou wind up talking with talks AT YOU, not with you. Then hands you a sheet of paper with a company name, address and a person to talk with about a job. Thats it. Lotsa luck! There IS IN FACT a better way. Where people care about you, not just the revenue they will get having you work somewhere. This better way includes coaching, being your best representative and helping you navigate all the stumbling blocks of a new job. They help you make it A Better Job. The goal is A BETTER LIFE. Want to know how? (Its free) Call 216-823-5900 or send your info to Champion Personnel System. Established 1964 5 Local Offices. Flexible Talent Acquisition and Talent Management

4 Easy Steps to Becoming a Valued Worker

By Champion
November 07, 2018 Category: Candidates, Value

Why? You get paid more. You can feel stable. When work is going well, it affects your life in positive ways. A Better Job, A Better Life How? First impressions last. Be the BEST worker in the facility. The fastest learner. The most positive. The person who always shows up early, and stays late. Sprint to productivity. You dont know your limits until you INTENTIONALLY exceed them. Dont be comfortable. Push yourself. It will get noticed, as will you if you take it easy. Unclutter your life. All of us have a tendency to carry our personal baggage with us anywhere we go. If you are headed to work, leave your baggage at home. There is nothing you can do about it at work that will not negatively impact your value at work. Focus on learning the job to the MAX! The word here is FOCUS. Concentrate on what you are being taught. Dont let your mind stray. Take notes. Re-read your notes. A supervisor may give you a second chance, but rarely a third. They will remember how fast you learned and

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