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Month: December 2019

How to Show Up for a Job Interview

By Champion Personnel
December 27, 2019 Category: Interviews

The first rule of showing up to any interview is to be early, if you are on time or late, you will not get the job. The second rule is to dress appropriately. Do not wear your weekend clothes, do not wear a hat. You need to look neutral and neat. Take a shower, get a haircut, shave your beard, do your hair, do your nails. The third rule is to research the company. You will want to know what they do and have some questions prepared about the company. A few more rules of thumb: No gum Leave your kids at home Speak respectfully How to Show Up for an Hourly Job Interview It is often acceptable to wear blue jeans without holes with a nice shirt tucked in. How to Show Up for a Salary Job Interview Business to business casual is traditionally the attire for a salary job. For a guy, youll want to wear a coat and tie. For a lady, youll want a pantsuit or professional dress. Contact Us If you are in need of help getting a job and want to learn more about how to prepare for an interview,

How to Make $500K More in the Next 20 Years

By Champion Personnel
December 16, 2019 Category: Better Job Basics

The first step to making more money is to take your job seriously! Go to work, take an interest, work overtime, learn new skills, and you will get promoted, or you will get that raise.

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