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#1 Secret to Job Success

By Champion Personnel
May 31, 2019 Category: A Better Job Basics, Candidates, Job Success

Show Up... Early! It is the best and easiest way to get on the road to respect and success. It is your everyday first and lasting impression. You will become a respected and valued individual. Plan for it. Make backup plans. Make more than one backup plan. Get up earlier than you think you have to. People are counting on you. It is your reputation. It can and will make a difference in raises, training of new skills, promotions, and career stability. It can easily make a $500,000 in earnings difference in the next 20 years. Really. What could you do with the $500,000? Live a Better Life. What if after just 6 months of showing up on time ready for work comes and you run into a real issue getting there? You will have EARNED the respect and have a little flexibility. So, what do you do if you cannot show up on time or at all that one day Click here to find out!

How Can Champion Help Me Be a Successful Job Candidate?

By Champion
May 02, 2019 Category: Candidates, Job Success, A Better Job Basics

We know how hard it can be to get a new job, whether its your first job or your tenth job, but the good news is that you dont have to do it alone! Champion is unlike any other service youve ever seen or worked with before. We work with both employers looking to hire and candidates looking for the right position for them. We understand the ins and outs of each side allowing us to find the right fit for both parties! Today, we are going to tell you as a candidate what you can do to be successful in your job hunt. Ultimately it is up to you how successful you are, but Champion is here to show you how to do it! Essential Tips on How to Be Successful As a job seeker, the first thing you need to know is what kind of an organization you are applying for. Your recruiter should give you some information about their company, but youll want to check out their website to know as much as possible. Some Things Youll Want to Know: Where the company is What they do/ what they make Job expectations

Communicate on your new job

By Robert Schepens
January 30, 2019 Category: Job Success, A Better Job A Better Life, Candidates

Dont do it alone Lets talk about it. A Better Job. A Better Life. That is what we want for you. Two years from now we want you to look back and say: Thank you Champion. My life is better than I thought it would be. We KNOW the path you can take to making a good job a Better Job. It wont cost you a dime. You will make more money, get Respect, get training and achieve advancement. We also know the Stumbling Blocks that may get in your way and how to deal with them. TALKING to us, before you do anything is the KEY to your achievement. We can be your FIXER of problems/ issues that you might or will face. TALK to us. We care. Here are some fundamental reminders of how to start off and what to do WHEN you face an unsettling situation. Learn More Its all about you. Its all about us. Its all about working together.

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