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Get Your Education, But Don't Forget This One Thing...

04, Jun by Champion Personnel

It seems that the government, school systems and employers (and media) are all stressing the need for more useful knowledge (learn a skill). Knowledge is good.

But NEVER forget that being successful has more to do with your efforts and results than your “book knowledge”.

Employers will hire a hard-working, enthusiastic person who wants to learn WAY before they will hire a person with theoretical knowledge who shows little or no desire/drive or “Grit”.

And they will promote the “hard charger” years before the person with a piece of paper who shows no drive or motivation.

Fact. No Bull.

Motivation in action: the path to A Better Job. A Better Life.

Ask us how.

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Get Paid More. Get Promoted

By Champion Personnel
June 04, 2019 Category: Candidates, A Better Job A Better Life

It is actually easier today than 10 or 15 years ago. More people today miss more work, are late for work or put out just enough to get by. Employers are frustrated and are in urgent need of promotable people they can count on. Here are 4 things you can do to make more money, get promoted or get recognized as an outstanding employee. None of these will cost you a dime: Show up for work, every day, 5-10 minutes early. Be ready to work. This will absolutely be noticed by managers. Even if you are sick, show up and let your employer send you home. Calling off via phone or text leaves questions. Put out 100% of your best efforts. You are there. Might as well. Look for and ask for other things to do, if your job is stalled. You will get known as a doer, someone who can set a good example. Be attentive. Having a focus on your work will, again, get you noticed. People who get noticed for doing good things, acting like a good worker, get raises and more training, and promotions.

How to Tell the Right People Your Boss is a Jerk

By Champion Personnel
June 04, 2019 Category: Candidates

Tempting, isnt it? Satisfying? Could be. Do many deserve it? Yes. And no. Being a Boss or Manager is NOT easy. And most receive NO or very little training or coaching in how to be a good one. 75% of all quits today have something to do with leaving a Boss, not the company. So, when do you tell someone about a Bad Boss? After you leave? The day you leave? Weeks BEFORE you leave? Not at all? Here is what to do, if you are looking for a solution, or you want to be considered an exemplary employee (especially if you ARE going to leave, eventually, and want a good reference): 1) Make sure you are darn good at what you do, or getting there. Perhaps any negative comments from the Bad Boss have to do with your behavior or results. If your output or behavior is lacking, some of the sandpaper between you and your Bad Boss is he/she simply wearing thin about you. 2) Write down the actual incidents where the Boss is being Bad. What happened? What started it? How did it come across? Do you have

Finances for a Better Life

By Champion Personnel
June 04, 2019 Category: Finances, A Better Job A Better Life

It is never easy to balance life and finances. But here are some tips to make it a little easier: Stay employed. Quitting a job with no other lined up will simply put you in the hole, or deeper. Fast. Make a budget. On paper, and follow it. Food, gas, rent, insurances, debts, clothes, general upkeep for where you live, gas, electric, water, child care. Notice I did not say Party, yet. Clip and use coupons. HUGE savings! Look for assistance. Government. Gas/ electric. Rent. Get a roommate you can trust. Make sure they can pay. Make sure they are stable. If you have credit cards, pay off the high interest rate ones first. But pay it off. Ignoring them will only have them catching up with you at the most inopportune time (later). Most credit cards for low incomes or non-established credit have ridiculous interest rates. Paying off ONLY the minimum due could take many, many years. And ENORMOUS amounts of money. Cut up your credit cards. Until you can afford one. When you keep one or get one,

What You Will Not Get from a "Temp Agency": A Better Job. A Better Life.

By Champion Personnel
June 04, 2019 Category: Candidates, A Better Job A Better Life

What you will get is a piece of paper that tells you the name of the company, address and the name of the person you should speak with or report to. And a job title. Maybe a salary amount. Then a Go get em Tiger and lemmee know how you do! Feel like spaghetti and meatballs thrown against the wall yet? This article is an in your face advertisement of what makes Champion Personnel NOT an employment agency: We actually care about you, your job success and your life. We talk with you, not at you. We listen. We find you a position at which you can excel, coach and advise you how to make the Job Better, help solve normal job and people issues which can (and will) help to make your Life Better. We will introduce you, in detail, to the workplace, the people, the expectations, the future, your future, your beginning money, your future money so that when you go for an interview or start working there, you will feel like you have been there before. And, if it doesnt sound like something you

After an Interview

By Champion Personnel
June 04, 2019 Category: Interviews, Candidates

Yes, there is merit to doing this right. Not just waiting for an answer. If you interviewed through a recruiting firm: 1) Call your recruiter immediately. Dont wait for them to call you. Show you care and are interested. If you dont call, a good recruiter wont try to chase you. If they call you, dont wait to return the call. It may be too late. 2) Tell your recruiter EVERYTHING that happened. Who you spoke with. How long. What they asked, How you answered, What mistakes did you make? What did the interviewer seem to like and not like. The recruiter may be able to fix your mistakes. 3) Why you want or dont want the job. Be specific. Be helpful. Be honest 4) Why the company/ interviewer should hire you, for the long term. Not just because I need a job. Show some emotion. 5) Cover ALL the pluses and minuses with your recruiter. Be honest. If you really just want a paycheck for a little while and dont want the job long-termdont take it. The recruiters reputation, their job, is on the line. 6)

Want RESPECT in your new job? Of course you do.

By Champion Personnel
June 04, 2019 Category: Candidates, A Better Job Basics

Focus on gaining credibility. Lets face it, even though you have interviewed for the position and passed all the tests, background checks, reference checks and a myriad of other challenges to get the job, the people at your new organization DONT YET REALLY KNOW YOU. (And, you dont know them). Without first establishing your credibility, your employer is in control, has at best a neutral opinion of you, at best some hope for you. But, they WANT you to be everything they hope for and everything you can be. By establishing your credibility up front, you will instantly begin creating MUTUAL RESPECT. This is earned respect and will go far in how you are treated. How to establish your credibility in a new job, even if you have little experience: Know everything you can about the organization, products, services, and customers, before you start. History, products, services, values, environment, customers. How the product is made. How the service is delivered. Knowledge is power and will

Take Back Control of Your Life Through Good Work

By Champion Personnel
June 03, 2019 Category: Candidates, A Better Job A Better Life

Work Is Good , regardless of what you may be told by friends or what you hear from folks who want to complain about everything. When YOU control your work performance you are actually influencing in a positive way, how others think and feel about you, and in return how you are respected and treated. You will BUILD your career and Build a Better Life, by earning Better Choices. A few hints to get you on the right track: 1) Show up EVERY DAY on time (10-15 minutes EARLY is the new "On Time"). This will get you noticed by the bosses. Make back-up plans for transportation, child care, buses, weather. 2) Who is your Boss? Both the onsite supervisor AND your staffing firms recruiter. Yes, BOTH. 3) If you are ill and want to stay home? Go in any way. Let the Boss send you home. Its then their idea, not yours. You will get positive points for making the effort. Too many people call off sick when they could go to work. That makes it more difficult on you. 4) Social media: mentioning

Questions to Ask During an Interview That Will Help You Get Hired

By Champion Personnel
June 03, 2019 Category: Candidates, Interviews

Sowhaddya do here? isnt one of those. (See previous article on preparation) Neither are: How many breaks do I get? Whens lunch? What are your benefits? How often can I be late before I get fired? or When can I get my first check? Whats the job pay? Those will/can be covered by the interviewer or can be covered by a true third-party recruiter. Not some pretty face at a temp agency. The idea in an interview is to look like and be focused on doing the job and doing it well. Anything else makes you look like you are at a welfare office line. First; SIT UP. Dont slouch or lean to one side. Be attentive. Act like you are in front of the most important person in your life, that you want to impress. You actually are. Here is a darn good list of questions you can ask: 1) PLEASE, describe to me HOW you want this job done and what you want ME to ACCOMPLISH? Use the word ME. It personalizes the conversation and the interviewer will begin to see YOU in the job. Not just an applicant or a faceless

Know the Company With Whom You Are Interviewing. GET HIRED!

By Champion Personnel
June 03, 2019 Category: Candidates, Interviews

Honestly, Human Resource professionals are getting really tired of applicants not knowing a darn thing about the company where they are applying for a job. So, what do you know about our company, ABC Manufacturing? Answer: Wellyou make stuff, dont you? Interview. IS. OVER. It may go on for a while, but your chances of getting hired are the same as the Browns winning the Super Bowl in 2020. We can hope, but dont bet on it. It shows that you made NO EFFORT to do any homework, or even to get curious with the front-desk person. If you came from a temp service, it proves you came from the wrong one and that your recruiter doesnt care about you or the client. The Recruiter has made you out to be a fool. He or She wasted your time. Hell, you can get basic information from that thing in your hand; a cell phone. Just Google the company name, go to their website and read up on it. 10 minutes and you are done. Here are the basics you should know: 1) The actual full name of the company. 2)

Job Seekers: What to Look for in a New Company

By Champion Personnel
June 03, 2019 Category: Candidates, A Better Job Basics

Many people will respond: more money, closer to home, better benefits. Yes, those are good things, but they lose their glitter if other characteristics are not present: (these characteristics assume you are looking for a longer-term opportunity) Is your initial position challenging? And can the future positions be challenging? You may begin in a more boring function than you want, but is there confirmed potential to learn more and do more. Many times the initial position is there to check you out. Do you have the character to show up every day, on time and work to get results? Does the organization do Onboarding? (We call this Immersion) Do they spend time telling you all about the companys history, who the customers are, why they do what they do, the way they do it? Do they tell you exactly what your role will be and why? Does the organization explain their expectations of you in this role? How you will know if you are doing well, or not? Does the organization explain your future? Where

How to Show Up for an Interview

By Champion Personnel
May 31, 2019 Category: Candidates, Interviews, A Better Job Basics

Leave your pajamas at home. Along with your glitter shirt, the half-ton of jewelry and your turned- backwards ball cap. LOOK NEUTRAL. CLEAN. You wont impress anyone with your club-duds on. Least of all the HR dude in his khakis, pressed-collar shirt and loafers. Oh, and the hoodie you love? Dont even think about wearing it. Walk with a purpose. Dont slouch like a question mark. Walk. Dont shuffle. You are not trying to make an entrance at a party. Walk with confidence, not arrogance. SMILE. No one wants to talk with a grump, thug or a person who looks like they are saying GO AWAY! LEAVE THE FAMILY AT HOME! Dont bring the kids. Unless you have permission to do so. Firm, but friendly handshake. Look people in the eyes, nicely. Stand up straight. Speak up. No mumbling. Make sure your clothes (and you) are clean and neat. Leave the cologne or perfume in your bathroom. Oh yeh be 10 minutes early. NEVER late. And again, SMILE. Want to know more about how to get the job you want? Ask

What Should I Do if I Can't Make it to Work (On Time)?

By Champion Personnel
May 31, 2019 Category: Candidates, A Better Job Basics

If you are sick, but not in the hospital...go in on time and let the supervisor send you home. SERIOUSLY. It is then obvious to your employers you shouldnt be there and they can trust you. You make positive points, for trying. It becomes their idea, not yours. If you are going to be late, for a good reason (or not): CALL YOUR RECRUITER FIRST, then call the worksite call-off line. The recruiter will also call and give the worksite a heads-up on your arrival time. The worksite can schedule your workgroup accordingly, and NOT stand around wondering when to expect you (and why you are late). Not knowing when or if you are going to show up puts you into the category of unreliable...until you show up with an understandable story. If you wake up late, miss your ride, get tangled up with family... you might think: Im going to be late and they will just fire me, so Ill stay home and not call. No big deal. There are other jobs out there. Guess what: You now have to start all over again, if

#1 Secret to Job Success

By Champion Personnel
May 31, 2019 Category: A Better Job Basics, Candidates, Job Success

Show Up... Early! It is the best and easiest way to get on the road to respect and success. It is your everyday first and lasting impression. You will become a respected and valued individual. Plan for it. Make backup plans. Make more than one backup plan. Get up earlier than you think you have to. People are counting on you. It is your reputation. It can and will make a difference in raises, training of new skills, promotions, and career stability. It can easily make a $500,000 in earnings difference in the next 20 years. Really. What could you do with the $500,000? Live a Better Life. What if after just 6 months of showing up on time ready for work comes and you run into a real issue getting there? You will have EARNED the respect and have a little flexibility. So, what do you do if you cannot show up on time or at all that one day Click here to find out!

Advance Your Career. Find a Partner. The Tale of Two Arrows

By Champion Personnel
May 31, 2019 Category: Candidates, Mentor, A Better Job Basics

A close friend asked me to break an arrow across my knee. Easy. Then he tied two together with leather. Try it again. Not easy, at all. We all need help, support, and strengthening. Some call the second person a Mentor. Not a wife, husband or friend. Top executives, college students, new workers, hourly workers, tech workers and the formerly incarcerated will all benefit from a guidance counselor or coach. The unfortunate fact is that in todays world of interconnectivity, done mostly via text, phone or emails, an actual person to person engagement is severely lacking. The best engagement is person to person. And the best person to engage with is one who will make you better. Why? Executives typically separate themselves in the course of their duties. Most are lonely and have few people to give them feedback. College students study on their own a lot. And they are surrounded by peers. Professors teach, not coach. New workers may NOT have had positive role models in their family or

What Hiring Employers Want to See in You

By Champion Personnel
May 31, 2019 Category: Candidates, A Better Job A Better Life, A Better Job Basics

Not a thing on this list will cost you a dime. Zero. Take these suggestions seriously and you will earn substantially more money, rarely be unemployed and reach a level of personal satisfaction you would only hope to find: Show up on time, or early, every day, ready to work. Learn the job. Dont be a spectator. Ask what else you can do, if you find yourself not busy. Put out your best efforts, every day. Take time off when you are given it. Be part of the team. Good employers are not looking for employees to be robots, regardless of what you might think. They want genuine human beings with all the good things that go with that and all the quirks. The man is not out to get you. Corporate America can be your friend or your worst enemy. Give them what they want and over time, if you cant get something in return, leave that organization. In other articles, we have shown that simply doing the above can earn you over $500,000 more in the next 20 years than a person who does not. It

A Better Job. A Better Life. PROOF

By Champion Personnel
May 30, 2019 Category: For Candidates

There is a fairly simple way to get ahead in both Job and Life. One can follow the other. Champion wants BOTH for you, and we have the way to do it. Two similarly qualified people (Person A, Person B) begin jobs at two similar companies, in Factory positions at $10 per hour. Both will work 45 hours per week. In the beginning, both will earn $400 per week in straight pay and another $75 per week in overtime pay at 1.5 X overtime pay. Total $475 per week or annualized at $24,700 total projected income. Person A prepares to give the job his absolute best effort. He will arrive early each morning, regardless of the weather. He decided to smile, be respectful to everyone, and not to get bogged down in any negative comments by supervisors or coworkers. He also decided to show that his work and attitude will make him a valued employee. Person B prepares to Give the job a chance. He will put on his dont mess with me face, get there about the right time, and make the company, supervisors and

Hopes, Wishes and Dreams Are Not Good Career Plans

By Champion Personnel
May 23, 2019 Category: For Candidates

Tired of being behind financially, not opening bills and avoiding phone calls? That can all change fairly quickly. You have heard this before? Did you take any Planned ACTION on it? If you did, stop reading now. You get it. Here are some very simple ways to get out of the poverty and life-misery that go along with a lack of direction: Get a good job and make it a better job. A Good Job is not necessarily one that pays you the most on day one. A Good job will provide an opportunity for doing good work, learning, advancement and being recognized for it. Notice I said doing good work. Loafing, being below average, or just getting by enough to not get firedthese dont qualify for Good Work. Show upevery day. The easiest way to drop back into poverty and personal misery is to get fired for being late, not showing up or loafing. Every time you get fired or walk off a job without having another job, you have to start all over again. Getting fired or not showing up for work is NOT an accomplishment.

Champion’s Hispanic Division Helps You Achieve the Better Life You Came Here For

By Champion
May 09, 2019 Category: Candidates, Hispanic Division

En Espaol: In English: At Champion, we do things very differently compared to a staffing service. In fact, we are not a staffing service at all, but we are a flexible talent acquisition agency! We work with both employers and job seekers to match each to their ideal future! This is why we have different specialized divisions to go the extra mile and help in every way we can. We Have a Hispanic Division The Hispanic Division at Champion is led by Angela, who is here today to talk about how Champion can help Hispanics who are struggling to find or keep a job after they have moved away from their home country. After all, the goal of leaving your home country is to have a better life, and that is Champions motto; a better job for a better life! Since Champion works with both the employer and the candidates, we are able to fully understand what the employer is looking for. At the same time, our divisions at Champion help us know what you as the candidate can do and what you want to

How Can Champion Help Me Be a Successful Job Candidate?

By Champion
May 02, 2019 Category: Candidates, Job Success, A Better Job Basics

We know how hard it can be to get a new job, whether its your first job or your tenth job, but the good news is that you dont have to do it alone! Champion is unlike any other service youve ever seen or worked with before. We work with both employers looking to hire and candidates looking for the right position for them. We understand the ins and outs of each side allowing us to find the right fit for both parties! Today, we are going to tell you as a candidate what you can do to be successful in your job hunt. Ultimately it is up to you how successful you are, but Champion is here to show you how to do it! Essential Tips on How to Be Successful As a job seeker, the first thing you need to know is what kind of an organization you are applying for. Your recruiter should give you some information about their company, but youll want to check out their website to know as much as possible. Some Things Youll Want to Know: Where the company is What they do/ what they make Job expectations

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