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Get Paid More. Get Promoted | Champion PersonnelIt is actually easier today than 10 or 15 years ago.

More people today miss more work, are late for work or put out just enough to get by.

Employers are frustrated and are in urgent need of promotable people they can count on.

Here are 4 things you can do to make more money, get promoted or get recognized as an outstanding employee. None of these will cost you a dime:

  • Show up for work, every day, 5-10 minutes early. Be ready to work. This will absolutely be noticed by managers. Even if you are sick, show up and let your employer send you home. Calling off via phone or text leaves questions.
  • Put out 100% of your best efforts. You are there. Might as well. Look for and ask for other things to do, if your job is stalled. You will get known as a doer, someone who can set a good example.
  • Be attentive. Having a focus on your work will, again, get you noticed. People who get noticed for doing good things, acting like a good worker, get raises and more training, and promotions. Your work will be high quality if you are focused.
  • Ask for more training and what you can do to become more valued. If you have been attentive, show up for work every day, and put out 100% effort you will get more training, you will be more valued.

Stay away from drama, clichés, bad apples and the norm of being average. You will go far, get raises, get promoted.

If after giving it 100% for a year, nothing happens in your favor, then change jobs. You are already the type of person someone else wants (for more money).

Make it A Better Job, for a Better Life. Champion can help:

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