How to Show Up for an Interview

How to Show Up for an Interview | Champion Personnel | Staffing | Cleveland, OHLeave your pajamas at home. Along with your glitter shirt, the half-ton of jewelry and your turned- backwards ball cap. LOOK NEUTRAL. CLEAN. You won’t impress anyone with your club-duds on. Least of all the HR dude in his khaki’s, pressed-collar shirt and loafers. Oh, and the hoodie you love? Don’t even think about wearing it.

Walk with a purpose. Don’t slouch like a question mark.

Walk. Don’t shuffle. You are not trying to make an entrance at a party.

Walk with confidence, not arrogance.

SMILE. No one wants to talk with a grump, thug or a person who looks like they are saying “GO AWAY!”

LEAVE THE FAMILY AT HOME! Don’t bring the kids. Unless you have permission to do so.

Firm, but friendly handshake. Look people in the eyes, nicely. Stand up straight.

Speak up. No mumbling.

Make sure your clothes (and you) are clean and neat. Leave the cologne or perfume in your bathroom.

Oh yeh… be 10 minutes early. NEVER late.

And again, SMILE.

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