Job Seekers: What to Look for in a New Company

Job Seekers: What to Look for in a New CompanyMany people will respond: more money, closer to home, better benefits.

Yes, those are good things, but they lose their glitter if other characteristics are not present: (these characteristics assume you are looking for a longer-term opportunity)

  • Is your initial position challenging? And can the future positions be challenging? You may begin in a more boring function than you want, but is there confirmed potential to learn more and do more. Many times the initial position is there to “check you out”. Do you have the character to show up every day, on time and work to get results?
  • Does the organization do “Onboarding”? (We call this Immersion) Do they spend time telling you all about the company’s history, who the customers are, why they do what they do, the way they do it? Do they tell you exactly what your role will be and why?
  • Does the organization explain their expectations of you in this role? How you will know if you are doing well, or not?
  • Does the organization explain your future? Where can you go? How? Why? How long? Or do they keep that a secret?
  • Does the organization explain raises, bonuses, overtime?
  • Does the organization explain the training involved? Including who will do it, how long, and the challenges involved?
  • Does the organization explain their Culture? Their Values, the people, teamwork, what it is like to work there, including safety issues, the company history?
  • Does the organization assign you to a mentor? Not just a trainer. A Mentor is a person who looks out for you, answers questions, gives advice and let’s you know if you are on track.
  • Does the organization give you a “walk-through”? Do they show you around (before you start there), introduce you to people, show you your job and area you will be working in? And, let you ask a lot of questions?

Then start thinking about pay, benefits, drive time. These are important of course. And that depends upon your choices, personal situation and career-goals.

Most “employment agencies” don’t do a very good job of helping you know the above critical considerations. They are more interested in just getting you to work so they can gain revenue. That is why many are called “Day Labor”.

Champion Personnel goes way beyond that. We know all of the above about our clients, and more, including things you may not know about how to advance in career and money.

Our mission for you is simple: A Better Job, A Better Life.

We’ll prove it. Ask us how?

216-823-5900. Five offices throughout North East Ohio. Established in 1964.

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