Take Back Control of Your Life Through Good Work

Take Back Control of Your Life Through Good WorkWork Is Good ®, regardless of what you may be told by friends or what you hear from folks who want to complain about everything.

When YOU control your work performance you are actually influencing in a positive way, how others think and feel about you, and in return how you are respected and treated. You will BUILD your career and Build a Better Life, by earning Better Choices.

A few hints to get you on the right track:

1) Show up EVERY DAY on time (10-15 minutes EARLY is the new "On Time"). This will get you noticed by the bosses. Make back-up plans for transportation, child care, buses, weather.

2) Who is your Boss? Both the onsite supervisor AND your staffing firm’s recruiter. Yes, BOTH.

3) If you are ill and want to stay home? Go in any way. Let the Boss send you home. It’s then their idea, not yours. You will get positive points for making the effort. Too many people call off sick when they could go to work. That makes it more difficult on you.

4) Social media: mentioning negative thoughts about your work: DON’T. They check. Social media pages: Clean them up.

5) Want to leave your job? Talk to your recruiter first. Don’t just walk off. Doing so will follow you in a negative way. Give 1-2 weeks notice.

6) "Walking off" the job or getting fired due to poor performance or attendance will NOT get you unemployment money.

7) Safety: FOLLOW THE RULES. Don’t take shortcuts even if the staff there tells you to. Pay attention to your safety training. If you don’t you could get hurt.

8) Follow the dress code. Don’t wear "personal statement" clothes. Dress "neutral". Dress for the weather INSIDE your facility. Ask about jewelry. Be clean.

9) Cell phones: check to see if they are okay to have on-premises.

10) Drugs and Booze: Drugs: NO. There could be a random check. If you are injured, you will be checked. Booze: same thing.

11) Sexual harassment: Just NO.

12) Don’t join a "work gang". You won’t get promoted. EVER.

13) Pay attention to your training. Ask questions. Know the job expectations you are to meet. Stretch yourself.

14) Focus on your job and get it right. It will get easier. Then you can focus on being your best, with less sweat and less hassle.

15) Put out your best efforts every day. Companies are looking for people who want to get new training, be promoted and be considered "of value". Putting out just enough to not get fired will get you nowhere.

16) Bad Boss? Conditions change? Call your recruiter before you do ANYTHING! They may be able to fix it. They will try. If you walk off or get into an argument, there is nothing that can be done. And you will lose money. Your recruiter can also get you another job.

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