Want RESPECT in your new job? Of course you do.

Want RESPECT in your new job? Of course you do | Champion | ClevelandFocus on gaining credibility.

Let’s face it, even though you have interviewed for the position and passed all the tests, background checks, reference checks and a myriad of other challenges to get the job, the people at your new organization DON’T YET REALLY KNOW YOU. (And, you don’t know them).

Without first establishing your credibility, your employer is in control, has at best a neutral opinion of you, at best some “hope” for you. But, they WANT you to be everything they hope for and everything you can be.

By establishing your credibility up front, you will instantly begin creating MUTUAL RESPECT. This is earned respect and will go far in how you are treated.

How to establish your credibility in a new job, even if you have little experience:

  • Know everything you can about the organization, products, services, and customers, before you start. History, products, services, values, environment, customers. How the product is made. How the service is delivered. Knowledge is power and will calm your fears for being new. It will give you confidence, confidence equals ability to focus and confidence gives you a different “aura”. Confidence (not ego) begins your credibility. This is easy. Use the Internet. Use YouTube. Follow links on articles about the company. Research what your job will be there. Take time to imagine doing it.
  • Know what your job will be, and how you will be doing it. You have never operated a fastener machine before. Look it up on YouTube. Follow links to other videos or articles on the machines and how they are operated. You start your job and the manager begins to show you the machine. When you say “I saw that machine operate on YouTube videos (Five of them), and although the machines I saw were ABC machines, these QMO machines look very similar”. Your credibility just went up many notches, as will the way you are treated. The boss guy knows you did your homework. If the other guy you are starting with looks dumbfounded by the machine and asks “whaz a fass-ner machine do?” guess who has credibility and will be instantly treated with respect? ANY job and its duties are on the internet. All you have to do is basic research. The more the better.
  • The new “On Time” is 10 minutes early. We cannot stress this enough. Do not be late. If you are (during your first 90 days) your credibility will drop like a rock. Also, if you are ill, go to work, let them send you home. They can see you are ill. Credibility. No CALL OFFS.
  • Associate with the right people. Stay away from negative people, lazy people, people who love drama and the “work gangs”. Find a Mentor or groups of people who are working hard and doing what they need to do. Shy away from anyone who will tell you “Don’t worry about the rules or your boss, let me tell you what you can get away with”. Getting in with the wrong people will show a lack of judgment. Lack of judgment means your credibility will sink. If you are not sure who is good or bad, ask the boss guy, or HR. If you do, your credibility will rise.
  • Learn to be expert in your job. Focus on learning and doing. Nothing else counts. Ask good questions, think through those questions. Keep trying. Be serious. You will get it. Hang around after hours to get help you couldn’t get during work-time. The better you get, the more credibility you will gain.
  • Ask: “What else can I do?” Anytime you have down time. This is huge. Standing around does nothing for you, at all.
  • Give respect, you’ll get respect. Even if somebody is not respecting you. Others will see that you are founded in great manners.
  • Mimic the best people in the workplace. The ones who are respected. You don’t have to change who you are, just be like the best around.

Respect in the workplace is EARNED. It is two-way. As your work credibility increases, so will the respect others show you. Oh, you’ll get good raises, good assignments, good training and be in line for any promotions or special assignments. Why? Because you know all of the above and others don’t.

You are welcome.

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