What Hiring Employers Want to See in You

What Hiring Employers Want to See in You | Champion Personnel | Staffing | Cleveland, OhioNot a thing on this list will cost you a dime. Zero.

Take these suggestions seriously and you will earn substantially more money, rarely be
unemployed and reach a level of personal satisfaction you would only hope to find:

  • Show up on time, or early, every day, ready to work.
  • Learn the job. Don’t be a spectator.
  • Ask what else you can do, if you find yourself not busy.
  • Put out your best efforts, every day.
  • Take time off when you are given it.
  • Be part of the team.

Good employers are not looking for employees to be robots, regardless of what you might think.
They want genuine human beings with all the good things that go with that and all the quirks.

“The man” is not out to get you. “Corporate America” can be your friend or your worst enemy.
Give them what they want and over time, if you can’t get something in return, leave that

In other articles, we have shown that simply doing the above can earn you over $500,000 more
in the next 20 years than a person who does not.

It is easier to be remarkable today than 10 years ago.

Why are you not doing this?

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