What Should I Do Before an Interview?

What Should I Do Before an Interview? | Champion Personnel | Cleveland, Ohio

When preparing for an interview, it's more than just showing up a looking presentable; you need to make sure you did your research on the company first. One sure-fire way to not get the job is to show no initiative or interest in the company you are applying for. 

How to Research a Company 

Google, they make it really easy for you to learn anything! All you have to do is Google search the company, and they will take you to their website. From there, you want to see what the company does. Look at their products and services, their about us page, and even testimonial if they have them. Basically, anything on their website can be used for conversation in your interview. 

While you are researching the site, think of the areas you want to know more about. This shows your interest and can help you get that job. 

How to Show Up for an Interview

If you want to make a great first impression, you can learn how to dress for your interview in our other blog here. With both knowledge about the company, showing an interest, and being presentable, you are going to stand out from the sea of applicants!

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You can also learn more tips like this by watching our other videos in our library.

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