What Should I Do if I Can't Make it to Work (On Time)?

What Should I Do if I Can't Make it to Work (On Time)? | Champion Personnel | Staffing | Cleveland, OH

If you are sick, but not in the hospital...go in on time and let the supervisor send you home. SERIOUSLY. It is then obvious to your employers you shouldn’t be there and they can trust you. You make positive points, for trying. It becomes their idea, not yours.

If you are going to be late, for a good reason (or not): CALL YOUR RECRUITER FIRST, then call the worksite call-off line. The recruiter will also call and give the worksite a heads-up on your arrival time.

The worksite can schedule your workgroup accordingly, and NOT stand around wondering when to expect you (and why you are late). Not knowing when or if you are going to show up puts you into the category of unreliable...until you show up with an understandable story.

If you wake up late, miss your ride, get tangled up with family... you might think: “I’m going to be late and they will just fire me, so I’ll stay home and not call. No big deal. There are other jobs out there.”

Guess what: You now have to start all over again, if you stay home and have to look for another job. You won’t be able to collect unemployment. You get broke, fast. You put yourself BEHIND the success curve you could have been on. Keep this up for a while and you can kiss that $500,000 extra earnings goodbye.

EXAMPLE: You make a habit of being late, calling off and lose your job every 30-60 days. It takes another 30 days to get another job. Over the next two years you will earn LESS THAN 25% of someone who shows up and does good work every day. Over two years the guy who made it to work got raises,worked overtime and earned $80,000, got a permanent job with benefits and paid time off. You got paid $25,000 at best, no paid benefits or paid time off or stability. He can buy a better car and rent or buy a better place to live. You made less than minimum wage if you had worked the whole time.

You may also start losing RESPECT for yourself and begin an existence of excuses. Nothing is ever your fault. You could become a person no one can count on. Including your friends and YOURSELF.

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