What to do if Your Boss is a Jerk?

What to do if Your Boss is a Jerk | Champion Personnel | Cleveland, Ohio

Almost everyone has experienced it before, whether at a new job or in a new position, where the person you report to is a pure jerk. A lot of the time, our first response is to tell them off and walk off. But that is not the answer! 

Is Your Boss a Jerk?

Walking off on a job is never the answer because it doesn't harm the employer as much as It harms you. If you walk out of a job, you are building a reputation for yourself, which can make it more difficult to get a better job in the future. 

Talk to Us

Instead, what you should do if your boss is a jerk is to contact your recruiter first. Talk to them about how you are feeling, what has happened, and we will tell you to talk to your human resources department. 

However, your H.R. department might not have time to deal with your boss because they have a lot of compliance activity, and so on. But they will tell you who to go to with your complaints. Usually, it is another authority figure like a plant manager. 

Contact Us 

If you're worried about your new job because your boss is a jerk, or if you need a new job, contact us at Champion Personnel Systems today. Our job is to help you find a good job, tell you how to make it a better job so that you can have a better life. 

We have five locations all over the Cleveland area, and we have over 55 years of experience. Learn more about how Champion can help you in our video library. 

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