What You Will Not Get from a "Temp Agency": A Better Job. A Better Life.

What You Won't Get from a "Temp Agency": A Better Job. A Better Life.What you will get is a piece of paper that tells you the name of the company, address and the name of the person you should speak with or report to. And a job title. Maybe a salary amount. Then a “Go get ‘em Tiger and lemmee know how you do!”

Feel like spaghetti and meatballs thrown against the wall yet?

This article is an “in your face” advertisement of what makes Champion Personnel “NOT an employment agency”:

We actually care about you, your job success and your life. We talk with you, not at you. We listen. We find you a position at which you can excel, coach and advise you how to make the Job Better, help solve normal “job and people issues” which can (and will) help to make your Life Better.

We will introduce you, in detail, to the workplace, the people, the expectations, the future, your future, your beginning money, your future money … so that when you go for an interview or start working there, you will feel like you have been there before.

And, if it doesn’t sound like something you want (position, hours, drive, money, future), you can say no. We WANT you to be a permanent member of our client’s team, not a “temp”.

We will show you a simple way of earning $500,000 more in the next 20 years than someone who does not get this insight.

Yes, it’s REAL. Free to you. Always.

A Better Job. A Better Life. Through Champion Personnel System.

By design.


NOT an “employment agency”. NOT a “Temp agency”.

5 offices in North East Ohio: Independence, North Olmsted, Middlefield, Twinsburg, Mentor.


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