Questions to Ask During an Interview That Will Help You Get Hired

Questions to Ask During an Interview That Will Help You Get Hired"So…whaddya do here?" isnt one of those. (See previous article on preparation)

Neither are: "How many breaks do I get?" "Whens lunch?"" What are your benefits?" "How often can I be late before I get fired?" or "When can I get my first check?" "Whats the job pay?" Those will/can be covered by the interviewer or can be covered by a true third-party recruiter. Not some pretty face at a temp agency.

The idea in an interview is to look like and be focused on doing the job and doing it well. Anything else makes you look like you are at a welfare office line. First; SIT UP. Dont slouch or lean to one side. Be attentive. Act like you are in front of the most important person in your life, that you want to impress. You actually are.

Here is a darn good list of questions you can ask:

1) PLEASE, describe to me HOW you want this job done and what you want ME to ACCOMPLISH? Use the word ME. It personalizes the conversation and the interviewer will begin to see YOU in the job. Not just an applicant or a faceless individual. "Accomplish" is a key phrase. That tells the interviewer you are looking at getting the desired results, not just looking at "trying".

2) What SKILLS do you believe a person should have to do this well? The key word here is SKILLS. It does not mean experience doing this exact job somewhere else. Skills are ABILITIES: use hand tools. Scan a database. Answer the phone with a smile. Match invoices and A/R. Use inspection tools. Assemble mechanical items. Learn to do the duties. You get it.

3) What parts of the job will someone be trained to do? How long? By whom?

4) Can you show me the job being done by someone? (If you have not had a walk-through) In that way I can tell you what I can do, what I can quickly learn and what I might need training on? This is POWERFUL. It shows you have curiosity, want to see if you can do it and how well. Most people will just get a vague description and say "Okay, what does it pay?" Interview over.

5) If I am doing well at this, what other functions can you train me to do? This shows you are thinking of doing more than just the first job. It shows you are thinking ahead. BIG PLUS!

6) How will I know I am doing well? Are there goals or metrics to be me? This shows you are thinking about being GOOD at what you will do and want to hit those goals. You are already the employers favorite person.

7) How can I convince you I am the person for this job? Some astute employers LOVE this question. It shows them you are serious and want the opportunity…and will go after it. You are not going to sit back and wait. Now heres the key to this question: have someone help you prepare bullet points as a comeback. Focus on proof. Focus on similar things you have done and ACCOMPLISHED.

And theres where you need our help. We will know your WHAT and WHY. We care, and well guide you HOW to do this well.

Ask us how

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It seems that the government, school systems and employers (and media) are all stressing the need for more useful knowledge (learn a skill). Knowledge is good. But NEVER forget that being successful has more to do with your efforts and results than your book knowledge. Employers will hire a hard-working, enthusiastic person who wants to learn WAY before they will hire a person with theoretical knowledge who shows little or no desire/drive or Grit. And they will promote the hard charger years before the person with a piece of paper who shows no drive or motivation. Fact. No Bull. Motivation in action: the path to A Better Job. A Better Life. Ask us how.

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