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A Better Job. A Better Life. PROOF

By Champion Personnel
May 30, 2019 Category: For Candidates

There is a fairly simple way to get ahead in both Job and Life. One can follow the other. Champion wants BOTH for you, and we have the way to do it. Two similarly qualified people (Person A, Person B) begin jobs at two similar companies, in Factory positions at $10 per hour. Both will work 45 hours per week. In the beginning, both will earn $400 per week in straight pay and another $75 per week in overtime pay at 1.5 X overtime pay. Total $475 per week or annualized at $24,700 total projected income. Person A prepares to give the job his absolute best effort. He will arrive early each morning, regardless of the weather. He decided to smile, be respectful to everyone, and not to get bogged down in any negative comments by supervisors or coworkers. He also decided to show that his work and attitude will make him a valued employee. Person B prepares to Give the job a chance. He will put on his dont mess with me face, get there about the right time, and make the company, supervisors and

Hopes, Wishes and Dreams Are Not Good Career Plans

By Champion Personnel
May 23, 2019 Category: For Candidates

Tired of being behind financially, not opening bills and avoiding phone calls? That can all change fairly quickly. You have heard this before? Did you take any Planned ACTION on it? If you did, stop reading now. You get it. Here are some very simple ways to get out of the poverty and life-misery that go along with a lack of direction: Get a good job and make it a better job. A Good Job is not necessarily one that pays you the most on day one. A Good job will provide an opportunity for doing good work, learning, advancement and being recognized for it. Notice I said doing good work. Loafing, being below average, or just getting by enough to not get firedthese dont qualify for Good Work. Show upevery day. The easiest way to drop back into poverty and personal misery is to get fired for being late, not showing up or loafing. Every time you get fired or walk off a job without having another job, you have to start all over again. Getting fired or not showing up for work is NOT an accomplishment.

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