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We Stabilized Their Workforce

By Champion
November 07, 2018 Category: Employer, Workforce

125 people. 2 shifts plus off shifts. 3 years ago they had 200+% turnover. The facility was far from hitting their needed numbers. We began staffing their facility about two years ago. In a meeting today with this client we were told they are now (have been for a while) hitting their numbers. Management has now received metrics bonuses for a year. There are no openings to take care of. Out of their entire staff only a few (of their own hires, not ours) are on the bubble. Happy HR Director, Happy Operations Manager. Happy Director. Happy divisional President. Happy Champion. All because we said we would resolve their issues.

Secrets to Hiring and Retention

By Champion
November 07, 2018 Category: Hiring, Retention, Employer

Secrets to Hiring and Retention: Secrets? There are none. Thats simply to get you to read this. Or so say the marketing people. But Ill bet you will learn something. Right now, you have your own way of hiring. Probably 85% of your system is good. This will make it better. Executive Summary: Understand the actual job you are trying to fill, not just the HR manual job description. Understand the actual DUTIES of the work. AGREE to the skills necessary to do the duties. What can and should be trained? Answer this question as though your perfect candidate is sitting across the desk from you, right now: (from THEIR point of view, not yours): WHY would a highly qualified person want to work for YOUR company, in this position? Plan to onboard potential workforce members properly. Analyze and identify a reasonable profile of the person to be hired. This should describe the skills, talents, abilities and the types of quot;experiencequot; that could/ will fit. It should also describe

Immersion Onboarding

By Champion
November 06, 2018 Category: Employer

Creating a durable commitment to the organization and the work itself. Immersion focuses on your most costly and potentially your highest payback investment: Your People. Now, and in the future. Immersion of new hires is not a human resources fad. It is a proven business strategy that saves money, increases productivity and can generate a more profitable culture. The Immersion process creates a COMMON FUTURE and COMMON PURPOSE for all participants by aligning Expectations, Values, Purpose for the customer, Mission and Goals to the participants talents and aspirations. It engages intellect and emotions. Immersion is not a quick fix for organizational issues. It does not come in a box, nor can it be learned at a luncheon seminar. It is a professional tool that needs to be custom fit to your organization and your desired future. Champion uses the term Immersion in place of Onboarding. It better describes the desired results. The basics of Immersing a new hire(or re-immersing an existing

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