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Fixing turnover. Creating a more profitable workplace.

By Robert Schepens
February 21, 2019 Category: Fix Turnover, Employers

Champion has dealt with over 12,000 Northeast Ohio organizations over the last 55 years. We analyze each workplace. We have purposely met with over 500 owners/ executives/ HR professionals to discover what the best do to create and maintain great workplaces/ great places to work. We even wrote a book about it: The Great Workplace 2.0, with 15,000 copies in circulation. And we have produced a precise list of the efforts the best organizations make to energize their profits by Hiring with Purpose. You will find some of this at your next luncheon seminar or by asking your temp agency why you have turnover that is irritating. But you will not find the knowledge we have accumulated and will share with you here. We are not just a temp agency. We do what we do to help you grow, produce a profit and to retain a staff that you can be proud of. A short list of the secrets we have discovered: 1) Have a core list of Organizational Values: What do you stand for? What do you really do, how and

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