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After an Interview

By Champion Personnel
June 04, 2019 Category: Interviews, Candidates

Yes, there is merit to doing this right. Not just waiting for an answer. If you interviewed through a recruiting firm: 1) Call your recruiter immediately. Dont wait for them to call you. Show you care and are interested. If you dont call, a good recruiter wont try to chase you. If they call you, dont wait to return the call. It may be too late. 2) Tell your recruiter EVERYTHING that happened. Who you spoke with. How long. What they asked, How you answered, What mistakes did you make? What did the interviewer seem to like and not like. The recruiter may be able to fix your mistakes. 3) Why you want or dont want the job. Be specific. Be helpful. Be honest 4) Why the company/ interviewer should hire you, for the long term. Not just because I need a job. Show some emotion. 5) Cover ALL the pluses and minuses with your recruiter. Be honest. If you really just want a paycheck for a little while and dont want the job long-termdont take it. The recruiters reputation, their job, is on the line. 6)

Questions to Ask During an Interview That Will Help You Get Hired

By Champion Personnel
June 03, 2019 Category: Candidates, Interviews

Sowhaddya do here? isnt one of those. (See previous article on preparation) Neither are: How many breaks do I get? Whens lunch? What are your benefits? How often can I be late before I get fired? or When can I get my first check? Whats the job pay? Those will/can be covered by the interviewer or can be covered by a true third-party recruiter. Not some pretty face at a temp agency. The idea in an interview is to look like and be focused on doing the job and doing it well. Anything else makes you look like you are at a welfare office line. First; SIT UP. Dont slouch or lean to one side. Be attentive. Act like you are in front of the most important person in your life, that you want to impress. You actually are. Here is a darn good list of questions you can ask: 1) PLEASE, describe to me HOW you want this job done and what you want ME to ACCOMPLISH? Use the word ME. It personalizes the conversation and the interviewer will begin to see YOU in the job. Not just an applicant or a faceless

Know the Company With Whom You Are Interviewing. GET HIRED!

By Champion Personnel
June 03, 2019 Category: Candidates, Interviews

Honestly, Human Resource professionals are getting really tired of applicants not knowing a darn thing about the company where they are applying for a job. So, what do you know about our company, ABC Manufacturing? Answer: Wellyou make stuff, dont you? Interview. IS. OVER. It may go on for a while, but your chances of getting hired are the same as the Browns winning the Super Bowl in 2020. We can hope, but dont bet on it. It shows that you made NO EFFORT to do any homework, or even to get curious with the front-desk person. If you came from a temp service, it proves you came from the wrong one and that your recruiter doesnt care about you or the client. The Recruiter has made you out to be a fool. He or She wasted your time. Hell, you can get basic information from that thing in your hand; a cell phone. Just Google the company name, go to their website and read up on it. 10 minutes and you are done. Here are the basics you should know: 1) The actual full name of the company. 2)

How to Show Up for an Interview

By Champion Personnel
May 31, 2019 Category: Candidates, Interviews, A Better Job Basics

Leave your pajamas at home. Along with your glitter shirt, the half-ton of jewelry and your turned- backwards ball cap. LOOK NEUTRAL. CLEAN. You wont impress anyone with your club-duds on. Least of all the HR dude in his khakis, pressed-collar shirt and loafers. Oh, and the hoodie you love? Dont even think about wearing it. Walk with a purpose. Dont slouch like a question mark. Walk. Dont shuffle. You are not trying to make an entrance at a party. Walk with confidence, not arrogance. SMILE. No one wants to talk with a grump, thug or a person who looks like they are saying GO AWAY! LEAVE THE FAMILY AT HOME! Dont bring the kids. Unless you have permission to do so. Firm, but friendly handshake. Look people in the eyes, nicely. Stand up straight. Speak up. No mumbling. Make sure your clothes (and you) are clean and neat. Leave the cologne or perfume in your bathroom. Oh yeh be 10 minutes early. NEVER late. And again, SMILE. Want to know more about how to get the job you want? Ask

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