Basic Mistakes Industrial Firms Make That Cause Turnover | Cleveland, Ohio

industrial workplace turnover in Cleveland, Ohio

At Champion Personnel Systems, we help business find the right employees and help candidates find the right company for them. The reason we are able to do this so successfully is because of our collective years of knowledge and experience in pairing the right people with the right jobs. 

Over the years, we have seen it time and time again, the mistakes that industrial firms make when hiring new employees. Not only have we seen it with our clients, but we research it and our very own, Robert Schepens even wrote a book, the Great Workplace 2.0, about employee retention and what makes an organization stand out as a great workplace and business. 

So, What are the Mistakes that Companies Make?

Often times, those in the upper levels of management will talk very highly about how great their process are: onboarding, culture, and more. But the issue is that they are talking about this on their level, not the level that the new employee is a part of. 

Another mistake that industrial firms make is that they are mostly only concerned about getting the product out the door. They forget to take the time to talk with their first-line supervisors and talk about what they should be doing with a new employee. 

They should be discussing:


  • What do you do with a new employee? 
  • Day one, how do you greet the person? 
  • How do you connect and engage with them?
  • What are you doing to make sure they remember their first experience two years from now?

It's not just about the first day either. It's also about the second and third and every other day. They need to make sure that they are setting their new hires up for success so that on the fourth day, you aren't standing around looking at your watch thinking, "Where are they?"

It is important to make your new hires feel like they are a part of the company, not just an inconsequential piece of the puzzle. 

If you are looking to increase your employee retention, if you're struggling with turnover issues, contact us at Champion Personnel today. We have offices all over the Cleveland area and are waiting to help you!

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