How Training Your Supervisors Affects Turnover

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Who is Training Your First-Line Supervisor?

So, who is training your first-line supervisor? This is a question that many businesses find hard to answer, and that is because the answer is no one. There is no one spending time with a new supervisor, no one to train them how to lead; they are just thrown into it. 

How Did That Person Get the Job?

Most of the time, an employee is promoted to supervisor based on seniority or skill. If they are next in line to move up or they really understand the job. Either way, this person still needs to be trained on how to lead. Just because they know how to do their job does not mean they can lead a team effectively. 

Is Anyone Teaching Them How to Train?

Just because they know how to do something doesn't mean they know how to teach it. Or, what if what they are teaching is not up to company standards? There is too much "what if" when you don't train your supervisors, and that is why there is a huge turnover in every industry.

Are They Making a Connection?

In addition, maybe the new supervisor can share their knowledge fairly well with their team, but they can't or don't tell them why they are doing something. All they can do is say, "this is how this works, and this is what you do." But they never share with their team the reasons things work. That forms a disconnect and does not allow people to engage with their work, which ultimately leads to them leaving. 

If you are experiencing turnover in your business and you don't know why maybe it is because of the way you train or lack of training in your supervisors. Champion Personnel Systems is here to help you make that connection and keep your employees around and happy!

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