I am an hourly worker. Want me to be productive and stick around?

Before hiring understand the worker mentality:

I'm an Hourly Worker. Want me to be productive and stick around?

I’m just like you: I want to make it to tomorrow and have that day be a little better than today. I want to survive, maybe even thrive. HELP me do that.

  1. Don’t lie to me. Not in the interview, not the first day on the job, never. I am street smart and can tell a lie or liar a mile away. I may not tell you that I know you are telling me something that isn’t true or is skewed to fool me, I’ll just give you less than my best, and leave when I can. I don’t need a job where I get lied to and where people think that it makes them smart.
  2. Take the time to train me. You said you would. It is one of the reason I decided to work for you. SHOW me how to be good, not just go through the motions. Train me to be safe. I’ll get it. Then once I have shown I can do that job and be productive, train me to do more.
  3. Assign me to someone who is a real person, a person who cares. Industrial companies have way too many supervisors who shouldn’t be supervisors. These are the folks who tell Management and HR they are really trying to teach and train, when all they really want to do is to show management that management is hiring the wrong people. Makes the supervisor feel important and irreplaceable.
  4. Tell me WHY. If I know how my job fits into the big picture of our customers, our company and the people I work with, I’ll do a better job. Putting parts together is one thing, putting them together perfectly each time so the airplane doesn’t fall out of the sky is meaningful. Telling me WHY lets me take ownership.
  5. Cut me a LITTLE slack. My home life isn’t the same as yours, yet. I might be a single parent, have an older car and don’t yet make enough money to have on hand to repair that gas-guzzler like you can.
  6. If I show you respect, I expect the same from you, management and all team members. If I lie, get lazy or make mistakes, fire me. But if I don’t mess up, show me a little respect, a little appreciation for doing a job you don’t want to do. It will go a long way with me. It will motivate me and you will get better choices from me.
  7. Do I represent ALL workers? No, but that supervisor who called me “A TEMP” the first day on the job shouldn’t represent all of management either. There are bad industrial workers and bad (really bad) supervisors. The difference is the bad industrial workers just leave, get fired or don’t show up. Your bad supervisors have a bad habit of coming back every day and causing you turnover of good industrial workers.

Respectfully, the people who make the products you sell…

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Really understand the job duties: WHAT is being done that we need someone to do? Or, what WAS being done, but now we need to change those duties and profile to be hired? (We will get to the HOW the duties should be handled and the WHY later). This part is not difficult, but it does take a different kind of focus from everyday thinking about a job: Actually analyzing what DUTIES will be performed, daily, weekly, occasionally and once in a while. Are these individual contribution duties or are they performed with other workers? Are other workers dependent on this function? Is this function (duties) dependent on other work being done/ other people? 1) First Define the GOAL of the job and the WHY. This could be quantity, quality, adherence to a standard, or what problems/ issues are to be solved in doing the job. Goals can also be EXPECTATIONS of performance that are measurable. This also is part of providing realistic expectations for a new hire during the interview and onboarding processes.

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Stabilize a more productive workforce. You can. Champion can. Working together. Even in todays economy with good people hard to find, and a lack of personal accountability being at the worst in 50 years. No marketing and sales baloney; Champion uses an ISO-based quality system to direct and track our collaborative efforts to accomplish your workforce goalswhether you are hiring one or 250 people. It is NOT easy. But it can reduce your costs, increase your customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line. It will reduce hiring anxiety, increase productivity and increase your ability to retain the people you want. HOW? Ill take a behind the scenes complex system (Hiring With Purpose ) and make it simple: Most of the hard work is done by Champions collaborative professional staff in multiple offices with a combined expertise of over 300 years. You will never see this. Only the results: * Understanding each position thoroughly and the success requirements that go with it. We dont

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Champion does a job that no other employment service does. We take both sides of the equation, the hiring employer and the hourly candidate, and evaluate their practical standpoint and psychological standpoint. Basically, we want to find out what is going to attract the right employee to the right employer. The key is making sure, especially with hourly hiring, to find a hard-worker who fits well with the company. To do so, Champion has devised a Bill of Rights for our clients to live by while they search for the right employees. Champions Bill of Rights Dont lie to your candidates, ever. Not under any circumstance whether it be in the interview, on the first day on the job, or any time on the job. People can usually tell when they are being lied to, though they may not say it. Someone who is lied to will definitely not give you their best. Take the time to train your employees, so they know they are doing the job right and take pride in it. Assign your hourly employee to someone

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