Managed Staffing and Shared Development

Managed Staffing and Shared Development | Champion | Cleveland, OhioSolid workers are getting more difficult to find and keep every day.

It seems that our current labor workforce is prone to making an emotional decision on a daily basis to show up and actually work when they want to, if it is convenient. And no one has taught them to have some discipline.

Organizations now feel the need to use multiple candidate sources, just to meet with more bodies and sort them out.

Human Resource professionals seem to think using “A.I.” to find the best ones may help to solve the problems.
There is a better way.

It takes internal adjustments, a long-term look at root causes of turnover, and a “controlled system” of selection, onboarding, and retention. Very few Human Resource practitioners, operations management and unit managers know how to do this, effectively.

Champion can help.

First, you must be prepared to FEEL like you are giving up control before you realize you are actually gaining control of hiring, better productivity and the ability to retain the workforce you want.

You won’t find these solutions at a 40-minute luncheon-lecture, or by trying to apply the knowledge you gained from reading an article in the most recent WSJ, Forbes, HBR or SHRM magazine.

I know. I read all of these religiously, every day. I even talk to well-known consultants as often as I can find them in-town. I talk to our clients and prospects on an ongoing basis.

But, what the heck does a “temp guy” know that we don’t? Plenty. Check out my book on becoming a Great Workplace. The Great Workplace 2.0. Smart Business Publications. Or, you can call me for a copy. Robert Schepens, 216-823-5900.

Check out our content on “Hiring With Purpose®.: 

Check it Out

Hiring With Purpose® is used as our guide (and yours) to customizing an action plan and strategy to address hiring and retention issues. It starts with discovery. A LOT of questions. We’ll make you think. We will lead you to an “Ah-Hah” moment where you will see the reality of hitting your goals. Your goals can be achieved and you can look like a hero.

We can do all of it onsite, part-time on-site, or manage the entire, agreed-on process with little intervention.

Get the junk of turnover and hiring off your desk. Put it on ours.
Be a Hero.

Ask us how

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