Prospective Clients: Welcome to CHAMPION

What to expect:

Together, our Purpose is to create “a durable commitment to the organization and the work itself” for the Worker.

To Connect, Engage and Collaborate® with the worker and our clients.

Our Purpose is to reduce hiring issues. Increase your workforce productivity. And increase retention.

We are NOT an “Employment Agency”, even though we are here to fill your job/career/opportunity openings.

We don’t slam bodies at jobs/ you:

We interview each potential worker … IN person. This is done by at least one experienced professional. In many cases it can be 3-4 Champion staff. We look for skills, character, culture match and intentions.

We have been thoroughly trained in behavioral evaluations and all the things relentless recruiters find to eliminate the paycheck people from sincere job/ career-seekers.

Champion has a thought-through platform, Hiring With Purpose® designed to reduce hiring issues, increase productivity, increase retention and positively impact your bottom line. It rules our day.

We keep things personal, with you, with the worker, and within our 6 offices in North East Ohio.

Not only during the hiring process, but after each engagement begins.

We are coaches, problem-solvers and advisors.

We are available literally 24/7/365. Yes REALLY. Humans, not machines.

Many employment agencies are attempting to copy us. Go ahead. We only have a 55 year jump on you.

Do different. Than you have been doing. You will see the results.

Ask us how

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Optimizing Production

By Champion Personnel
May 13, 2020 Category: Michael Ryan

Join us as we discuss the principles that have to be reapplied or newly applied to help companies gain the stability that they are missing and to gain the cash flow that they are missing.

Unlocking Cash from Your Inventory

By Champion Personnel
May 13, 2020 Category: Michael Ryan

If you have a manufacturing company and you're searching for money in your assets and inventory, Michael can show you where to get it!

Inventory Icebergs

By Champion Personnel
May 13, 2020 Category: Michael Ryan

Most manufacturers focus on the inventory that they can see, but their inventory iceberg lies below the surface comprising about 90% of their actual inventory.

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