The Issue with Using Online Employee Recruiting

Artificial intelligence in hiring for employees | Champion personnel | Cleveland, Ohio

There are many different issues you can make, as an employer, when trying to hire the right people to join your team. One of the biggest mistakes that we have seen over the last few years is the use of artificial intelligence in the hiring process.

AI Algorithms Cannot Detect Character

There are many different types of artificial intelligence programs that employers use to help them find the person they should hire. They use these programs because they think they are saving time by allowing the algorithms to find that perfect candidate. 

However, those algorithms can only identify so much. The most important thing about your ideal candidate is their personality and their character. That is something that cannot be shown on a resume, and something AI cannot pick up on. 

Online Recruiters Cannot Detect Lies

Moreover, while these AI programs are looking through all of the different candidate's resumes, they are looking for keywords. But what is to say that these candidates are not lying on their resumes? 60% of what is on a resume is not true.

Sure, these artificial intelligence programs can bring you a lot of potential candidates, but here's one thing to remember about AI, intelligence can be artificial, wisdom cannot. And that's what Champion is made of, fifty-five years of wisdom.

Champion is Your Matchmaker

At Champion, we can do what no AI recruiter can do, which is pair your business with candidates that fit the bill to a "T." We can help you find someone with the experience, skills, and character that will allow them to become part of your team and stay that way. 

If you want to start hiring the right people, stop using artificial intelligence, and start using wisdom. Contact us at Champion Personnel Systems today.

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