Unexpected Turnover

unexpected turnover in cleveland, ohioSome organizations are encouraging turnover, without knowing it…

Some of this is due to managers believing they are too busy to communicate via voice with hiring sources internal and external. They will just send an email. Or a text.



“Not our guy.” “Not qualified.” “Didn’t like her.” “She walked out.” “Send another one.”

If done via email or text there is no room to ask questions to understand what was meant and where the referring source was off (or not). It does not allow an inquiry into where the root cause of the issue was, including if the turnover would be the fault of a company representative (first-line supervisor).

Could you imagine being a sales rep/customer service rep for a manufacturing company, where your
organization has spent many hours and many $’s producing a product only to hear from a customer: “Didn’t like it. Send another.”


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