Why Do Hourly Workers Walk Off the Job

High turnover rate with your hourly employees? | Champion Personnel | Staffing in Cleveland, Ohio

One of the biggest problems companies who have hourly employees always experience is walk-offs. Turnaround is something every business has to deal with at one time or another, but if you are dealing with it consistently, then it may be time to change a few things. 

1) The Person Isn't Right for the Job

The person hiring the staff is not hiring people who actually want to be there. If the new hire doesn't want the job they are hired for then there won't be much to keep them there.

2) Bad Supervisors / Onboarding Processes

When the employee shows up for their first shift, the supervisor does not try to connect with them. They essentially insult them and/ or ignore them until they see that this person sticks around, which they probably won't.

3) Bad Employees / No Rules 

Another thing that happens often is that your new employee is thrown into a group of other employees who don't like working there. So now, not only is this new hire getting treated poorly by your supervisor, but they are also only hearing bad things from their new co-workers. 

How to Stop Turnover

These are all very real and common reasons as to why hourly employees walk off the job. What it comes down to is that something in your business turned them off; you might think that it was the employment agency, and in some cases, you could be right. 

Many staffing firms just file bodies through so that you have someone, but at Champion, we take the time to understand both the company and the candidate. That way, no one is wasting their time working for or with someone that they don't want to be working with. 

If you are experiencing turnover, especially with hourly workers, and you can't find out why, contact us at Champion Personnel Systems today. 

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