Why Would a Qualified Person Want to Work for You?

Why Would a Qualified Person Want to Work for You? | Champion | Cleveland, OhioSTART with all the good things, all the bad things, and all the things you are working on within your organization to make it the BEST workplace you can. Write them down. Be honest with yourself and other hiring managers.

Then THINK from the perspective of the potential employee: what is that person looking for? The GOOD, the BAD, and the “Not there yet” factors and influences about being employed by your organization.

Here is a rather exhaustive list of items to consider:

  • What is the actual work environment: People, team, supervisor?
  • How difficult, or easy, is the work really? Best days? Worst days?
  • Is there a TEAM? What are the barriers to entry? (What does the team expect? What “Maze” could they put you through?
  • What is the real training? Who does it? Length? On own? What are the expected results? What new skills will be learned?
  • Describe people who started in the position and have been successful. What traits did they when they started/ do they have now?
  • Describe the company. History? Story?
  • Describe ownership. Who? How? Expectations? Changes?
  • What are the company Values? Mission/ Purpose? How do these characteristics play out for workers?
  • What are the Customer Expectations of the company/product/service? What do customers say?
  • How does this person doing good work affect Customer expectations?
  • What is the industry’s future? Does the company have future plans?
  • What are the position’s expectations? How is performance rated? How will a person know if they are doing well, not doing well? Who will tell them, when, how?
  • Overtime? Hours? Movement to another shift? Breaks?
  • Money, now and in the future. Bonuses? Ballpark #’s.
  • REAL promotion or movement opportunities? Describe people who have.
  • Benefits now and in the future?
  • Company perks, activities, parties, community activities?
  • Who to talk to if you encounter issues? Will someone check in with you (not a direct supervisor)? Is there a Mentor?
  • Where to find other company information: website, social media, brochures, marketing information, and industry information.
  • Tour to show what you have discussed. Meet people you have mentioned.
  • What could be misconstrued from your conversation? What to do if you discover that something or someone is different than described?
  • How to be successful in your company.

Most of this is what “Onboarding” is really all about: getting a feel for reality before an individual begins work. It also allows both sides to evaluate each other beyond qualifications.

It is however geared toward answering the question:

“Why would I want to work at this company, in this job?” from a well-qualified potential hire.

Put yourself in their shoes. What do you tell them?

By the way; Champion has learned over 55 years, that the most effective way of handling all this is in the way of a good, accurate STORY. Every person can recall a solid story easier than a chart or graph, or even a bullet-point list of unemotional facts.

Can we help? Typically as experts from the outside, we can help you formulate an approach that works.

No cost, no obligation.
We have done this, literally, hundreds of thousands of times.

It is all part of an ISO-based system of hiring and retention.

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