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Want RESPECT in your new job? Of course you do.

By Champion Personnel
June 04, 2019 Category: Candidates, A Better Job Basics

Focus on gaining credibility. Lets face it, even though you have interviewed for the position and passed all the tests, background checks, reference checks and a myriad of other challenges to get the job, the people at your new organization DONT YET REALLY KNOW YOU. (And, you dont know them). Without first establishing your credibility, your employer is in control, has at best a neutral opinion of you, at best some hope for you. But, they WANT you to be everything they hope for and everything you can be. By establishing your credibility up front, you will instantly begin creating MUTUAL RESPECT. This is earned respect and will go far in how you are treated. How to establish your credibility in a new job, even if you have little experience: Know everything you can about the organization, products, services, and customers, before you start. History, products, services, values, environment, customers. How the product is made. How the service is delivered. Knowledge is power and will

Job Seekers: What to Look for in a New Company

By Champion Personnel
June 03, 2019 Category: Candidates, A Better Job Basics

Many people will respond: more money, closer to home, better benefits. Yes, those are good things, but they lose their glitter if other characteristics are not present: (these characteristics assume you are looking for a longer-term opportunity) Is your initial position challenging? And can the future positions be challenging? You may begin in a more boring function than you want, but is there confirmed potential to learn more and do more. Many times the initial position is there to check you out. Do you have the character to show up every day, on time and work to get results? Does the organization do Onboarding? (We call this Immersion) Do they spend time telling you all about the companys history, who the customers are, why they do what they do, the way they do it? Do they tell you exactly what your role will be and why? Does the organization explain their expectations of you in this role? How you will know if you are doing well, or not? Does the organization explain your future? Where

How to Show Up for an Interview

By Champion Personnel
May 31, 2019 Category: Candidates, Interviews, A Better Job Basics

Leave your pajamas at home. Along with your glitter shirt, the half-ton of jewelry and your turned- backwards ball cap. LOOK NEUTRAL. CLEAN. You wont impress anyone with your club-duds on. Least of all the HR dude in his khakis, pressed-collar shirt and loafers. Oh, and the hoodie you love? Dont even think about wearing it. Walk with a purpose. Dont slouch like a question mark. Walk. Dont shuffle. You are not trying to make an entrance at a party. Walk with confidence, not arrogance. SMILE. No one wants to talk with a grump, thug or a person who looks like they are saying GO AWAY! LEAVE THE FAMILY AT HOME! Dont bring the kids. Unless you have permission to do so. Firm, but friendly handshake. Look people in the eyes, nicely. Stand up straight. Speak up. No mumbling. Make sure your clothes (and you) are clean and neat. Leave the cologne or perfume in your bathroom. Oh yeh be 10 minutes early. NEVER late. And again, SMILE. Want to know more about how to get the job you want? Ask

What Should I Do if I Can't Make it to Work (On Time)?

By Champion Personnel
May 31, 2019 Category: Candidates, A Better Job Basics

If you are sick, but not in the hospital...go in on time and let the supervisor send you home. SERIOUSLY. It is then obvious to your employers you shouldnt be there and they can trust you. You make positive points, for trying. It becomes their idea, not yours. If you are going to be late, for a good reason (or not): CALL YOUR RECRUITER FIRST, then call the worksite call-off line. The recruiter will also call and give the worksite a heads-up on your arrival time. The worksite can schedule your workgroup accordingly, and NOT stand around wondering when to expect you (and why you are late). Not knowing when or if you are going to show up puts you into the category of unreliable...until you show up with an understandable story. If you wake up late, miss your ride, get tangled up with family... you might think: Im going to be late and they will just fire me, so Ill stay home and not call. No big deal. There are other jobs out there. Guess what: You now have to start all over again, if

#1 Secret to Job Success

By Champion Personnel
May 31, 2019 Category: A Better Job Basics, Candidates, Job Success

Show Up... Early! It is the best and easiest way to get on the road to respect and success. It is your everyday first and lasting impression. You will become a respected and valued individual. Plan for it. Make backup plans. Make more than one backup plan. Get up earlier than you think you have to. People are counting on you. It is your reputation. It can and will make a difference in raises, training of new skills, promotions, and career stability. It can easily make a $500,000 in earnings difference in the next 20 years. Really. What could you do with the $500,000? Live a Better Life. What if after just 6 months of showing up on time ready for work comes and you run into a real issue getting there? You will have EARNED the respect and have a little flexibility. So, what do you do if you cannot show up on time or at all that one day Click here to find out!

Advance Your Career. Find a Partner. The Tale of Two Arrows

By Champion Personnel
May 31, 2019 Category: Candidates, Mentor, A Better Job Basics

A close friend asked me to break an arrow across my knee. Easy. Then he tied two together with leather. Try it again. Not easy, at all. We all need help, support, and strengthening. Some call the second person a Mentor. Not a wife, husband or friend. Top executives, college students, new workers, hourly workers, tech workers and the formerly incarcerated will all benefit from a guidance counselor or coach. The unfortunate fact is that in todays world of interconnectivity, done mostly via text, phone or emails, an actual person to person engagement is severely lacking. The best engagement is person to person. And the best person to engage with is one who will make you better. Why? Executives typically separate themselves in the course of their duties. Most are lonely and have few people to give them feedback. College students study on their own a lot. And they are surrounded by peers. Professors teach, not coach. New workers may NOT have had positive role models in their family or

What Hiring Employers Want to See in You

By Champion Personnel
May 31, 2019 Category: Candidates, A Better Job A Better Life, A Better Job Basics

Not a thing on this list will cost you a dime. Zero. Take these suggestions seriously and you will earn substantially more money, rarely be unemployed and reach a level of personal satisfaction you would only hope to find: Show up on time, or early, every day, ready to work. Learn the job. Dont be a spectator. Ask what else you can do, if you find yourself not busy. Put out your best efforts, every day. Take time off when you are given it. Be part of the team. Good employers are not looking for employees to be robots, regardless of what you might think. They want genuine human beings with all the good things that go with that and all the quirks. The man is not out to get you. Corporate America can be your friend or your worst enemy. Give them what they want and over time, if you cant get something in return, leave that organization. In other articles, we have shown that simply doing the above can earn you over $500,000 more in the next 20 years than a person who does not. It

How Can Champion Help Me Be a Successful Job Candidate?

By Champion
May 02, 2019 Category: Candidates, Job Success, A Better Job Basics

We know how hard it can be to get a new job, whether its your first job or your tenth job, but the good news is that you dont have to do it alone! Champion is unlike any other service youve ever seen or worked with before. We work with both employers looking to hire and candidates looking for the right position for them. We understand the ins and outs of each side allowing us to find the right fit for both parties! Today, we are going to tell you as a candidate what you can do to be successful in your job hunt. Ultimately it is up to you how successful you are, but Champion is here to show you how to do it! Essential Tips on How to Be Successful As a job seeker, the first thing you need to know is what kind of an organization you are applying for. Your recruiter should give you some information about their company, but youll want to check out their website to know as much as possible. Some Things Youll Want to Know: Where the company is What they do/ what they make Job expectations

The Key to a Successful Career: Show Up!

By Champion Personnel
April 04, 2019 Category: A Better Job A Better Life, A Better Job Basics, Candidates

At Champion Personnel Systems, we take the time to care for every one of our candidates individually. We want to help you find a better job for a better life. We start with every candidate in person, unlike staffing companies. We take extra time to explain the fundamentals to each candidate. Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the Work World Vince Lombardi said to his team, the Green Bay Packers, Gentlemen this is a football. This is him explaining the basics to NFL players. Likewise, at Champion, we initiated something we called CORE. CORE stands for Champion On-boarding Retention Essentials. The idea behind CORE is; it doesnt matter how long a person has been in the working world; we go back to the fundamentals to remind them. We find our clients love this aspect of working with us and at the end of their time with us they always say, Oh my gosh, nobody has ever done that before. Nobody else takes the time to make sure every single candidate is on the same page as their potential employers. SHOW

A Better Job A Better Life

By Robert Schepens
January 30, 2019 Category: A Better Job Basics, Candidates

Welcome to Champion A Better Job A Better Life Its all about you. Its all about us. Its all about working together. At Champion our job is to get you a good job, help you to make it a Better Job, and show you a path to a Better Life. (Yes, really) How would your life change with new skills, becoming a person OF VALUE at work, earning raises, respect and promotions, and making substantially more money? All of that can give you more and Better Choices in life. Right now you may feel you are powerless to get there. We can help you. This is the first of several emails that are designed to coach you to achieving a Better Job A Better Life. Were on your side. Any doubts? Check it Out Champion: 55 years of helping people achieve Better Lives.

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